First Impressions: Abide in the Wind

Abide in the Wind is a manhwa made by Shin Weol.

I shouldn’t even have to explain why I decided to give this series a try. If you know me well by talking or stalking to me, you’d know very well why I would decide to read this.

Anyways, essentially the story is about a girl named Reana who found and saves a dragon named Kairak. She turns into his Riyena, and now is tasked to help the dragon (who can transform into a human forme) mature in a year and leave Earth behind.

Now, I shall describe my opinions about this series up to the second episode. (The pages are separated into chapters, which are separated to episodes. Consider them as volumes, if you will.) Instead of talking about the story, I will mainly focus my attention to the characters.


Reana Forte

First introduced as a gentle, strong young lady, who does things purely for the sake of doing something good. Unlike other humans, this woman is entirely selfless and always puts others first.

Just like what Didan (a servant of Kairak) says, people can easily take advantage of her kind soul. Which people end up doing. And to be blunt, it’s annoying and irritating. 

There was one point in the series, where she becomes upset because she kills a monster that would have killed her friend; she felt pity towards the monster she killed. I swear, there’s a point where you’re too nice. She crosses this boarder, and I promise you that she would cry at Satan’s death, because Shin made her too generous for her own good.

What’s saddening is that this is really her character. She’s just a really compassionate soul who wants to help others. We never really know her personally. What does she like? What does she inspire to be? What are her hobbies? We never, for the first two chapters, take a look inside her beyond how nice she is. This makes her very boring.

Did we also mention that she’s sometimes depressing and gets upset and whines a lot? Y’know, the usual. I was promised this girl was really cool, but she’s just those heroes who are filled with good intentions, and their only flaw is simply… Being too nice, or having human emotions.


A 299 year old dragon experiencing his tween years (I’m not even kidding). He was isolated for most of his life, so he does not express any emotions whatsoever, and always has a blank face. What an edgy 12 year old!

Unlike Reana, he is not selfless, nor selfish. He just does not express any emotion. His face never changes from a poker face. From what we can see later, he definitely has feelings towards Reana. He will harm anyone who tries to flirt or harm her without hesitation.

But he also struggles the same thing Reana faces, except it could be a bit more justified, seeing how he has no emotions from being isolated from humans. Especially since his servant, Didan wants him to continue having no emotions, as it will be easier for him to move from Earth to where ever the dragons reside in.

The series does attempt to show that he is becoming more human, but he does not change much until the ending of episode 2, to which Reana only implied change; there was no change being shown besides her imagination. It would have been better if the story moved at a quicker pace, and perhaps gradually showed him caring more, and revealing some things he might be interested in BESIDES REANA.


An annoying sassy pest who is Kairak’s servant that is only there to really narrate the story, and prevents Kairak from feeling emotion. This guy also suffers from being a “person”.


It is mediocre. Many people adore the all colour pages, but to be honest, I prefer the shading of black and white illustrations.

Like most online manhwa, it tends to have a lot of left over space, and words in between panels to look dramatic. I dislike the layout, seriously.

There is a lot of empty space, and poorly drawn backgrounds. When the series does try to illustrate proper backgrounds, it actually looks beautiful.

Example of wasted space:

Abide in the Wind 1: Episode 1. Riyenas (1) at

Example of a nicely done background:


It doesn’t sound all to amazing, or original. I mean, a girl saves a boy, and is tasked to raise that boy. The story could end up amazing or terrible. And to be honest, this series is going by too slowly. There is more art than there is plot, which bothers me because…

  1. The art does not appear to be done carefully; it appears rushed. As a result, the art does not look good.
  2. You do not need to see some of the panels sometimes. People not care for pictures when the art isn’t done amazingly.

A good story attracts the reader from the beginning. If it can not attract the reader, then the story has a terrible introduction. I do not care if the later parts are good; the earlier parts should have attracted me so then I can read the best parts.

So far, this story does not contain any plot twists. Anything can be easily predicted if you think for a second.

Some parts are so vague and do not make sense, which infuriates me, because it’s a cheap way to make people wonder, “OH, WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?” And usually, instead of showing you what happened, the dragon’s annoying servant informs Reana, where the reader can see what is happening! YAAAY!

And then they add some upsetting scenes, which do not impact a desensitized little child like me. Most of these characters had little to no reasons to care for, so I have no reasons to be affected by them. Something happens to them, someone cries, and as a reader, we have no emotional bond with these side characters. When you think about it, those characters are only there to make things sad. Which fails, if there is no emotional attachment.

If there is no reason to care for them before, why should I care for them afterwards?

There aren’t really any scenes that stand out to be in particular. It seems like a chore to read this series thus far.


So should you read Abide in the Wind?

Well, if you are into selfless heroes who would cry at Satan’s death, a dragon who is really an emotionless child and secretly has an obsession towards as mentioned selfless hero, both of which have no actual character to them whatsoever, then sure! Give it a try.

As said, this is only based off of the first two episodes!

Somewhere in this universe, someone who has BRD asks me, “ANNA, WHY IS KAIRAK YOUR SIGNATURE AND YOUR AVATAR?”

To that, I answer with: He’s adorable and I honestly have no other ideas.

also he shouts yandere lines that amuse me:



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