pretty ladies = good grades

I already typed out this story in BRD, so to make me less bored, I will say this in point form.

  • A month ago our class had an assignment to sell an element from the periodic table.
  • I did chlorine. I had so little information, so on my poster I drew a bunch of pretty ladies.
  • I jokingly told my friends that I’ll get sales because of said pretty ladies. And I will get good marks for it.
  • Forward one month later when my teacher finally finished grading, my teacher told all of us that she was disappointed. Most people did terrible.
  • We got our assignments back.
  • I got 100% on it.



32 thoughts on “pretty ladies = good grades

    • Well, I was talking about drawing pretty ladies on posters.
      Like making an advertisement, and just featuring woman…
      I’m telling you this man: I am pretty hideous.

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  1. This reminds me of a product me and my friend made up. Chloroiney, basically it makes you have messed up Yoda hair. But you can scare the monster away in the horror movies 😀 ! ALSO LEMME DRAW A PRETTY LADY ON MY TEACHER’S FACE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+ in her class now! TYSMMMM

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  2. LOL
    Were they like in a pool or something because pools are chlorine and whatever
    100% for pretty ladies mhm I would’ve given that


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