1 Year WordPress Anniversary + Hate April Fools


One year of blogging. Hurry, hurray.

You see, I’d be making some fake post celebrating my ass off but I’m too pissed from yesterday.

Yes, I got April Fool’d.

It was a really lame joke, but because I had a horrible school week, I overreacted entirely.  I really didn’t want to be fooled on that day. I didn’t tell him this, so of course it’s not like he should have known, but yeah. My fault at this part.

So with me, being stubborn, I swore at him, and refused to talk to him. Heck, I blocked him on social media. Besides Steam, that is. I got way to upset over it.

So when he tries to talk to me, I reply without seriousness (there’s no point in fighting, because I know I was in the wrong and it’s my fault). I’m just replying with things like “k” “whatever” “mhm” “i’m butthurt my pussy hurts”

The next day he talks to my twin sister saying how I’m a bad person for him, and threatens suicide. He thinks this is a way to teach me to be nicer.

Seriously, what the fuck?

Out of the plethora of times him and I fought he’s THREATENING SUICIDE OVER THIS?

Great job. Considering suicide over your 15 year old girlfriend who’s immature at times and has her period moments.

I congratulate you for being a very responsible person.

Get your act together before talking to me again.

To those (who are cruel like me and waiting for this to happen), congratulations! You got your wish :3

Also, we’re both in the wrong. I’m not the victim here, nor is he. I started it, he extends it. And I end it.

Angsty teenager Anna here, signing off.


22 thoughts on “1 Year WordPress Anniversary + Hate April Fools

  1. Happy blogging anniversary!
    Mine is on January 19th. 😛
    When you started talking about April Fools’, I thought you were going to mention what happened on BRD…


      • Thank you! We try. ;D
        Like I said there, we did something similar last year, but with Bearville Alive (look it up, or just look in the archived topics section since you can do that).
        You’re welcome!


  2. happy blogging anniversary! my two year one was four days ago. hope you and your bf can make up soon, i’m sure this isn’t gonna last forever :3


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