Story of my life

>using greentext on wordpress


>wake up and hair is flawless



>wake up hair is messy af



15 thoughts on “Story of my life

      • Nope, it’s a 4chan thing.
        >tfw no one knows what it is besides me
        >tfw the only edgy teen on wp that goes on an inappropriate site
        >tmw still using greentext


      • it has virus ads last time I’ve checked! 8D
        I only go there to make fun of people because they’re filled with neckbeards living in their mother’s basement.
        I am a nice person.


      • Yaaaaaaaaay! 😀
        Who doesn’t love getting viruses?! 😀
        Yes. Yes, you are.
        (Also, can you please make sure to go on BRD tomorrow and on Saturday? Thanks!)


      • I’ll try to! :>
        Sorry that I haven’t been on recently, I’m normally not on when I have a lot of school work to do.


    • it’s a 4chan thing.
      They speak using >
      for example:
      >tfw luke doesn’t know what greentext is
      >tfw having to explain luke greentext
      >inb4 “what is 4chan”


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