Something you can’t avoid, because we are all not perfect. Some mistakes are small, like when you have to erase an error you made, while others are harmful, like making a fire in your home or not locking your house well enough.

Or you made a mistake to hurt your loved ones. Maybe you’re just an angsty teenager on hormones like me, who doesn’t think twice when sending a message.


7 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. … hormones… who could forget them…
    I can’t text because I don’t have a phone but I said something last year about someone in front of the entire class that I didn’t think twice about… I’ll just say that I indirectly called a guy fat. Our teacher awkwardly said, “He means… you’re like strong, not… big…” one of my worst memories ever


      • :/ The guy I said that about didn’t seem to react negatively to my saying but I feel like he begrudged me then and I still feel bad.
        Anyway I wish we were all wiser about our impulses and decisions.

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      • Just going to say this, just because someone doesn’t react negatively doesn’t mean anything. I had a lot of people call me fat including friends and I laughed when they said it, but I stopped eating for a year because of it and I push myself even now to do jogging every day even though I’m not allowed to due to a medical conditon. It’s best to be very careful with your words to people. Not trying to make you feel bad just saying you should be more careful about others feelings.

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