So today I was playing Animal Crossing New Leaf with Nunnally, and we talked a lot on Skype. Before we were about to leave, her mother barged in her room, and yelled at her. Her mother began talking about how I was the reason why she gets bad grades, and then goes on wondering why I am not at school. (But it’s a Sunday…) So yeah, we had to end the call, at a terrible note.

So I began to play around Fantage, and prepared posts on Fantage Marianna. My best friend in real life, messaged me this:

“I officially hate my house and wanna move out
My mom is annoying and my brother is a bitch
I don’t even fucking care anymore.”

Of course, I figured she was being an angsty teen at the moment. She always talks about how cool her brother is, and how much she loves her mother. My friend wanted to call me, so we did, and then her mom came in, yelled at her, and told her to get off the phone.

So I guess I had the same scenario happen twice today. :/ Now we just wait until Jared is suddenly able to Skype, and then his father will yell at him for something his brother did. I’m going to refrain from calling people for awhile, considering that all I do is bring angry mothers in their rooms…


17 thoughts on “Sigh.

  1. Umm, I don’t think it’s right to blame others for getting bad grades. It would’ve been her decision to hang out with you and all, wouldn’t it? Unless you’ve been bullying her in whatever sort of way that’s distracting her from school, but that’s impossible.
    Honestly her mom overreacted ^^’ I have no clue what she might’ve meant by you not being at school (when it was Sunday), and chances are she doesn’t really know you(?) Personally my friends don’t know my mom and I don’t know theirs, but I can’t make assumptions about your life.

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    • Her mom does know me, but she doesn’t like me because 1. I’m not the same race as her, and 2. We haven’t exactly met in real life, but we’ve known each other for over three years and she’s basically my twin. :/
      Thanks though, Luke.


  2. omg this sounds like my friends mom.
    she trash talks about me behind my back all the time, and thinks i dont know, but in reality my friend has been telling me about it.
    seriously she acts so nice when im actually there but when im gone all she does is talk trash about me (and my friends other friends) behind my back smh


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