[So who was the culprit?]

I’m skyping my best friend irl and I’m just drawing while she’s talking about her vacation thus far.

I decided to draw Len, in the song “The Riddle Solver Who Can’t Solve Riddles” so his eyes are red.

Also, Paint Tool SAI wasn’t working so I used MS.Paint.


len makes a better yangire than a yandere hnnnnnnngg

it’s official, i like yangires more


21 thoughts on “[So who was the culprit?]

  1. i guess yangires are better
    because when love factors into it and the yandere kills their love so that they dont fall in love with anyone else
    the hypocrisy is really strong with that
    theyre both menaces doe so its fine with me


    • ehh yangires can do the same thing
      it’s a matter of fact that people who are driven by madness are more interesting than those who are insane because of love???
      love is boring you just need a madman


    • It still sucks lmao
      You’re right it’s proved.
      I’ve drawn on MSpaint a lot, it’s not that bad. You can only use the pencil tool and the fill tool for it to look decent.

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      • yeah it sucks…..but yeah….your drawing has certainly PROVED that MS Paint is not completely terrible….Yeah..YOU FAB…being able to turn that crappy thing into a wonderful creator of a masterpiece


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