Anyone Play Animal Crossing New Leaf?

I started playing again because my twin, Nunnally got it as an early birthday present. You see, my friend is broke and stuff, so she never buys stuff from me lol.

It’s really boring to play alone, so I’m just wondering if anyone wants to play.

I’ll most likely be asking you if you want to buy stuff from me, because I am a greedy mayor and I need more money. Oh, and if your town fruit isn’t a pear, I’m going to come to sell my golden pears. Just sayin’.

I also LOVE roses, so I’ll buy them!

100 bells for white and red roses!

15,000 bells for purple and pink roses!

25,000 bells for black roses!

50,000 bells for blue roses!



25 thoughts on “Anyone Play Animal Crossing New Leaf?

  1. Man, I wish I’d seen this before… 😛
    I might go back to ACNL someday, but I have to sort a ton of stuff out first because time travel. At least TL isn’t going to be a problem because I have all the seasonal clothes… :/

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  2. I have a 3DS and I kind of want to get ACNL because it seems really interestingly cute, plus there’s a community, which looks friendly. 😛


      • Yes.
        Yes, it does.
        Highlights include people getting mad about not being able to choose your skin tone in ACNL while 1. not realizing the characters are Japanese and 2. not offering any real advice on how to change things, people thinking rapists are better than the “sassy gay friend” stereotype, and about 3290482390482039 accusations of people being racist, sexist, homophobic, and on and on and on.
        I’m all for social justice, but…a lot of people seem to think that means deliberately looking for things to get mad at. Also, when I want to look at other people’s towns, I don’t really need to hear about any of this, thanks. -_-


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