So I Recently Got Into Vocaloid?

eh not really

I mean, most Vocaloid songs suck and are rushed, but there are some that I REALLLLLLLY like! 🙂

Here are a list that I like (THAT AREN’T YANDERE SONGS!)


inb4: “anna isn’t this yawn dairy!”

it’s yangire there’s a difference)

(legit cried many times)



yeah there’s not much sowwie peoples

as said, most of them suck sorry not sorry

if there is one that you think I’ll enjoy, comment below and I’ll try it out!


23 thoughts on “So I Recently Got Into Vocaloid?

  1. well for me I love all Vocaloid songs~~<3 ❤ ❤
    but I dislike the robotic sound to their singing (lol, i know that's that whole point of Vocaloid)
    thats why i listen to utaites instead uwu

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    • Really?
      Vocaloid songs are made from a variety of different artists, so I’d imagine everyone has their likes and dislikes.


  2. join the fanbase, child
    we are wonderful and have no arguements or shipping wars at all 🙂
    //you should listen to first love academy omggg


    • Eh, first love academy is okay.
      I never join fanbases :^)
      Considering that Vocaloid songs are made by all different artists and that most of them have different stories, it’s kinda hard to love Vocaloid as a whole lol
      And I dislike the robotic singing, to be honest

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  3. //I cringe when I hear people asking if vocaloid is an anime omg
    Some vocaloid songs I really like are Luvvatory, the world is mine (remix), Mr. Music (I think it’s vocaloid), heart a la mode (kinda cheesy), I just hate people, Even as a female ninja I want to love (removed from YouTube for some reason)…. Uhhh yeah lol tbh I don’t know if you’ll like most of them LOL


  4. I absolutely hate vocaloid music to be very honest. The robotic singing and everything sounds nasal and, frankly, creepy. .-. It’s like… Siri being kidnapped or something…


    • I hate the robotic sounds, but I like some of their music.
      I prefer to listen to the fanmade English covers. SirHamnet makes really good ones!


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