what am i doing with my life part 2


So I am spending this morning… Listening to Yandere Vocaloid songs (only the male ones, because unlike my twin, my body does not believe in gender equality.)

There’s a pretty decent list that you can find in someone’s yandere male blog here.

I’ll be going down the list that she ordered and talk about each song, so yeah!



Kaito and Miku’s version: I couldn’t get much yandere from the lyrics, but from the video I watched Kaito drugged Miku and….. Did something to her. Okay. I don’t like the music.

Len and Rin’s version: This really isn’t Yandere…. And poor Len… Poor, poor, Len….

The Tragedy of Chateau Cepage

It’s sung by Gakupo.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gakupo noe!!11! music is okay i guess

poor rin.

Specimen Girl

This is also sung by Gakupo.

nopenopenopenopenopenope jesus christ yandere gakupo is scary af even i am terrified

i do not recommend this song to ANYONE



True Love Restraint

Sung by Len.

Well, at least Len didn’t die this time. Eh, I really do not like this song. This is probably Len’s most yandere song, and straightforward.

Psychotic Len’s Love Song

Read the title if you want to know who it’s sung by.

tbh i hated the sound so much i couldn’t finish listening to it

but from what i heard, ehhhhhhhhhh. definitely yawn dairy tho, i guess

Servant of Evil

This isn’t really yandere, and even the creator of the list said that she wasn’t sure if Len was a yandere or not.

In the song, Len just murdered because she told him to, and scarified himself for her. Not really insane, he was just a servant, and she was the country’s queen.

but omfg IT’S SO SAD I CRIED BWAHAAHAHHAHAHHAH and it sounds nice too, i recommend listening to SirHamnet’s English cover (she’s really good at singing, and tbh I prefer human voices over robotic ones)

Kaito ga Uninstall

Sung by Kaito.

I’m not the fan of the sounds. It sounds like a cute, innocent song UNTIL YOU LOOK AT THE LYRICS JESUS CHRIST MAN

If you were to listen to it without understanding Japanese, it would just sound adorable, I suppose? For some reason, the song reminds me of Russia from Hetalia…

Story About A Poor Rabbit

Sung by Kaito.

this sounds like serious creepypasta shit

wtf is this why


this sounds terrible and it is terrible

Prisoner of Love and Desire

Sung by Len and Rin.

I actually like this song. It would sound much better if the voices were robotic! :U

Nonetheless, it’s pretty great in my personal opinion. I also like how people are analyzing the story. I really like how Len was a yandere in this one.

Worm-Eaten Psychedelism

Sung by Len and Rin.

Y’know, I… It’s the horrible type of Yandere. Don’t waste your time on this.

Trick and Treat

Sung by Len and Rin and has Miku in it.

dude this isn’t even yawn dairy c’mon wtf

Märchen Boyfriend and Märchen Girlfriend

Casey actually showed me this song! (An English cover by Sirhamnet.)

Eh, sure, I like it! It’s much better if you make it faster.

However, double yandere would be terrible. No seriously, it would go like this:

“I love you *insert a girl’s name*… Be mine forever!”

“I love you too. I am completely okay with this, because I want you to be with me forever too.”

“Oh. What do we do now?”

“I don’t know, bang?”


it’s so boring mayne like c’mon

Virgin Suicides

Sung by Len.

Mmkay, this HAS to be my favourite. Sounds great, and is definitely a yandere song!

Most people think the song is about Len killing virgin girls because he wants them to stay pure forever, but I really didn’t get that out of the lyrics. I thought Len was depressed, and was just deeply in love with a girl, who liked another person. He didn’t like that, so he killed her to keep her pure forever and his. :U

SirHamnet’s cover is great though. :>>>>>>>

Final Thoughts

Gakupo’s songs are CREEPY, Kaito’s songs sound like either creepypasta material or a children’s song, and Len sings the most yandere songs.

Songs that you shouldn’t listen to if all you wanted was yandere:

Cantarella (both versions)

Servant of Evil

Worm Eaten Psychedelism

Trick and Treat

Songs you should listen to if you REALLY want yandere:

The Tragedy of Chateau Cepage (Recommended for Yandere)

Specimen Girl (Recommended for Yandere)

True Love Restraint (Recommended for Yandere)

Psychotic Len’s Love Song

Kaito ga Uninstall (look at the lyrics don’t listen to the song)

Prisoner of Love and Desire

Märchen Boyfriend and Märchen Girlfriend

Virgin Suicides

Songs I personally like:

Prisoner of Love and Desire

Märchen Boyfriend and Märchen Girlfriend

Virgin Suicides

Any yandere songs you want to show me? Go ahead, share them to me! Remember, boys only! :^)

Feel free to share your thoughts below.


15 thoughts on “what am i doing with my life part 2

    • Alice Human Sacrifice was okay, I’ve listened to it before.
      I thought it had a deep meaning, but nope! It’s just based off of a creepypasta.


      • Really? 😆
        I don’t really pay that much attention to the meanings of songs beyond what’s in the lyrics… I just think they sound nice. 😛
        Another Vocaloid song I like is Game of Life.
        (Also, I’m on BRD. ;))


  1. oh my god we had a huge snow too (if im not mistaken we both live in narnia) but my school board didnt close and to make it worse everyone showed up like usual :’ )


    • Yes, we both live in Narnia. :^)
      The thing is, for me people NEVER come to school with any chance we can, and most kids come from the other towns to our school, so no one comes.
      Man people in your school are dedicated to coming, eh?


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