regrets on this blog

so while browsing the interwebs I found that some people linked to my yandere posts/pages to use as some references of what a yandere guy is and isn’t…

man, i’m so sorry if you’re into yandere males that you also have to see all of my other crap :^)

i should have just turned this into a yandere male blog from the start, like damn

life would have been easier

maybe i’d cringe less, and they’d cringe less

y’know i could have reached yawn-dairy popularity

even though i prefer yangires because damn they’re much better characters

i have never became trash for a yandere in my life

i have only been trash for yangires

if only my children were better developed ;_;


3 thoughts on “regrets on this blog

  1. sometimes I wondered if I should keep my blog to one topic (my posts are everywhere man) but then I always brush the thought away because it’s something to come back to, to read. An online journal, I wouldn’t want to change it.

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