First Person is Too Hard to Write.

I am baffled by how most stories written nowadays are in first person, AND how most people find first person to be easier to write, instead of third person. In my personal opinion, first person is WAYY harder than third. Perhaps people who say it’s easier to write aren’t good writers in the first place, because the thing about first person is that it can be poorly written but still… Mediocre, I suppose. You could say it’s intentional.

Now, allow me to explain myself. In first person, essentially the narrator is a character of the story, but you see it entirely in their view. Depending on the type of character, the writing would be drastically different.

For example, a child wouldn’t use big words, they would see things with a very limited vocabulary. Therefore, the story will sound plain, but great authors know how to make it sound good. Different characters would describe things differently, and you must make sure they STAY in character! Also, you must consider that because every character has a different kind of voice, you’d have to constantly change your writing style if you realise it or NOT! With third person, you avoid all of these issues! :^)

In third person, you could easily do the shortcut to make your writing sound ten times professional than it actually is by using the wonderful thesaurus! …Perhaps it’s easier for me because all I do is thesaurus abuse my writing, which makes it sound brilliant. (WHEN IT’S REALLY NOT, WHEN YOU REMOVE THE WORDS THAT NO ONE ELSE KNOWS LOL.) Thing is, if the narrator isn’t a character of the story, they are usually not people, so a personality is not defined to them. You can easily make the narrator formal and use big words. The only way you could thesaurus abuse is if your main character has a large vocabulary, which most do not.

I mean, let’s have an example, my English homework! Essentially I have to write a story about an event. I have censored some parts of the story because I included places where I lived, and my friend’s name. I’ll insert a single paragraph, as that is all I need to prove a point!

First person:

p00pmonster27 and I were dropped off at the corner of p00pmonstercity. I was expecting the place to be crowded, but I suppose winter time doesn’t attract many tourists. I scanned the area around us, until I laid my eyes on this tall, somber building with red chaotic letters spelling out “gimmi3datc00k13”.

Being honest, since it’s me I naturally do not have a large vocabulary. I have to say things how I would describe them. It is very basic, and I HAVE TO USE THE WORD “I” A LOT >:^(

Third person:

They were dropped off at the corner of p00pmonstercity. Unlike the summer time, there were not many people surrounding the famous tourist attraction. The only thing that greeted these two young ladies was a breeze of the chilly winter air. One of the girls, named Anna, focused her attention to the tall, dark building near them. With the red sloppy letters, Anna noticed they spelled out the word “gimmi3datc00k13”.


Anyways, until you master the thesaurus abuse technique, it’s quite difficult to write in first person.


32 thoughts on “First Person is Too Hard to Write.

  1. I like first person because authors can tell the readers how the person is feeling and what they’re thinking. It makes the story more in-depth and interesting. But that’s only if you know how to write in 1st person.

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    • You can do the same thing with third person omniscient! The best thing about omniscient is that you can show the thoughts of ALL characters, not just one!


  2. i like first person because you can actually write what you’re feeling and what is saying in your head
    but i hate first person because you have to rearrange the sentence so you don’t have to use “I” repeatedly

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  3. First person is easy to write in for me because I get into the mood really quickly. But third person is also fine, except it takes longer for me to develop.
    But normally I choose the one that will flow better.


  4. I personally like third person more than first person, and it’s easier to write in too. I use third person a lot in conversations, so it’s easier for me to write with.


      Well, conversations are fine in either first person or third person. I’m more concerned about the overall voice of the story. I like my stories to use descriptive words because it makes it sound better than it actually is, which is difficult to do in first person.

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  5. I used to always use third person, but now I’m doing a bit of both. I think it depends how you look at it and who you are as a writer.
    To be honest, I don’t like some first person stories because I don’t like the character narrating, and I find it annoying that they narrate. Also, when the author writes it as if the character was writing it, and the character is little, I get annoyed with the way it’s written. Which, of course, is because the character doesn’t know as much, as they are a child. I feel like it could almost be an excuse for some people to write poorly… because the character narrating is young and unknowledgeable.

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  6. third person is always best imo
    its much more easier to write with, you can also express how the characters are feeling, unlike how in first person it only describes how the narrator is feeling.

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    • EXACTLY! Also, I tend to hate the protagonist. I love minor characters or the antagonists, which are never developed well in first person. It’s easier to develop characters in third.

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