Flying Buttress 2k16 Award Ceremony

Greetings imbeciles! Welcome to the Flying Buttress 2k16 award ceremony! We’re your hosts, ReaperNunnally and AnnaArso, and today we’re providing the following awards:

  • The Michelle Duggar Award
  • The Donald Trump Incarnate Award
  • t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m Award
  • The Noot Noot Award
  • The Billboard Award
  • the aging musician leeching off like ten other people for the moolah award
  • The kewl kat award
  • *Kills Seth* Award
  • The Ray William Johnson Award
  • AnnaArso Approval Award

Instead of nominations, essentially what you guys have to do is comment down your blog below if you want a chance of getting one of these awards! YAAAAAAY! We’ll also create an amazing jpg image of your award for you! (Written exclusively in Comic Sans.) We’ll judge you based on your personal posts, not on anyone else’s post, and we’ll give awards to people, not the blog.

“Because who wants to be cliche? :^)” -AnnaArso

“NOT ME! That sounds like an STI!” -ReaperNunnally

Example of a fantastic award, created by ReaperNunnally:


Example of a tremendous award, created by AnaArso:


We will finish making our final judgement on Saturday, February 20th 2016. You guys better comment your blogs quickly! 8D

~AnnaArso and ReaperNunnally


19 thoughts on “Flying Buttress 2k16 Award Ceremony

    gimme ❤
    those thingies are so beautiful ❤ ❤
    me gets penguin of DOOM
    *noot noot*


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