every artist ever be like




all of the comments be like



and i’m just here cringing because:

  • Why would you upload something you AREN’T proud of? I draw a lot and man there are so many drawings I am not proud of, so I decide to not upload them.
  • Why are you saying to laugh and see how terrible it is if you get offended if I say it is bad?
  • If the drawing is “bad”, no one is providing criticism. Everyone is just saying that it’s good..?

Like y’all need to stop man, don’t upload if you think people will not like it.


25 thoughts on “every artist ever be like

  1. normally when some one upload their work, they’re looking for criticism. because lol, it might be pretty awesome art, but it won’t be the best~
    if someone truly feels this way towards their art, i don’t really mind praising their art to boost their self esteem 😀 even if they go ‘ARGHH it SO BADDDD,’ ‘-BURNS ART-‘ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • But they should ask for criticism not say “UGH THIS SUCKS LOOK AT IT LOOK AT IT”
      And when some people give advice they don’t take it nicely 😛
      It’s just that people should ask “how can I improve my art?” Instead of “IT SUCKS LOOK AT IT”


  2. I think people can just upload whatever they want (maybe they want some nice comments on it?) but commenters need to be honest-er. Praise for the good points, but don’t sugarcoat everything…?
    If I get critism, I get a bit huffy, but then I calm down and see they’re right, and so I can improve~

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    • People should stop sugar coating, but I think people do it to be nice since the person is yelling “LOOK AT MY CRAPPY ART!!”
      Like people should ask for advice, not bash their own art.

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  3. I do this a lot because I (really shouldn’t) but when I’m done I’m slightly proud of it like yay I finished but u always end up comparing my art to professional people’s art (which I wouldn’t bc I haven’t even been drawing digital for a year yet) and then it just looks terrible to me. Also criticism and advice is very helpful


    • The thing is, if you say your art sucks people will sugar coat it.
      Ask for advice, never say your art sucks badly blah blah blah.
      The thing is, everyone has different levels of art so it’s too difficult to compare. Never compare yourself. 😛


      • I kind of agree
        But like especially here, usually when I ask for advice I usually get it like my last post (deleted it)
        But it looked kind of normal to me but once some people started pointing out the things I needed to change or fix I saw what I did wrong and how to fix it..


  4. tbh there are those people that do it for attention but there are also those that could genuinely mean it
    sure, it could be good to someone else but maybe it’s just not good enough for their standards???????
    they could have posted it bc even though it wasn’t good enough maybe it was to keep their account active or something if they hardly post
    also, there are people that work on art over long periods of time (like I usually work over a period of 2 weeks myself) just to take breaks and maybe after a while they realized how bad it was but it was too late bc maybe they already spent a lot of time on it…

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    • hmmmm
      i’m completely okay if people upload things and say what was wrong with their drawing, and how they could have improved
      but it’s when people /LITERALLY/ say stuff like “IT SUCKS SO MUCH LOOK AT IT LOOK AT HOW MUCH IT SUCKS” (i’m not even exaggerating, people say these things)
      it’s just that people should make it sound a lot less attention grabbing because man most people end up sugar coating if you say it sucks with no valid reason in the end

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