How to Study Well

Sometimes you’re like me, and you want to take a shortcut to studying.

…Wait, isn’t that everyone?

Well, if you’re ever feeling stressed and have a short amount of time to study, have no fear! I’ll give you some tips to study! ;D


  1. It doesn’t work well, AT ALL.
  2. You’re not going to remember it when you look away from the sheet.
  3. You’re not training your brain to remember it.

Just letting you know, our brains do NOT know how to store information. Most of the time, if it finds it unimportant, it will just throw the information out the window. If our brains knew how to store it, we’d all have photographic memory!

So in order to tell your brain, “hey I really need to know this, like I have an exam soon,” basically try to recall the information. Train your brain to remember, not just read it over and hopes that your brain can store it. Ask yourself what you just read.

Tip 2: Use Q-Cards!

This is my personal favourite method to study! You’re basically testing yourself, except you’re not wasting the time to write it over.

The biggest con is that it takes FOREVER to make these, I swear. However, once you have them they’re great study tools that you can bring with you, and just test yourself at random times.

Also, you can easily sort out what you remember and what you don’t, so you can basically customize your deck with information you want to remember.


Most people say, “music helps me study!”

It’s actually proven that its either ineffective or it doesn’t make a difference.

But oh boy, if you listen to music with words while you study… You’re going to really mix your information with some random song lyrics. If you’re going to listen to music to ensure that you don’t die to death from studying, listen to the instrumental versions of songs. Do your brain a favour.

Tip 4: Have breaks!

It’s actually proven that 50 minute study sessions with 10 minute breaks are highly effective!

But I can’t study for that long. But hear me out, I have more to say!

When you study, you usually remember the stuff you studied first and last the most. So wouldn’t it make the most sense to have more breaks and more study periods?

Normally what I do is a 30 minute study session, and a 30 minute break. It’s not really effective, but I like me some vidya gamez. Anyways, try to make it so your study sessions are actually longer than your breaks, or you can be like me. Just don’t make shorter study sessions. πŸ˜›

Tip 5: Don’t study with a friend.

You’ll most likely do the following:

  1. Talk all day instead of studying
  2. Waste time because both of you guys need to study for the test, therefore both of you guys are testing each other when you could be testing yourself with the AMAZING Q-CARDS

I study with friends when I feel very unmotivated to study. But seriously, it’s best to study alone or with a parent, because at least with your mom/dad they won’t randomly talk about other things. πŸ˜›

Tip 6: Study when you sleep and when you wake up!


When you go to bed, your brain reorganises the information you just gathered! When you wake up, you should try to train your brain to see if it stored it in correctly!

Tip 7: Try to provide images when possible with your information.

Humans can easily remember images, but not a bunch of text. So to make it so you understand the information better or remember it, try to think of images to go along with the information!

Tip 8: Write your information down, and summarize when possible.

It’s proven that you’re more likely to remember something you’ve written down! (But make sure you’re thinking about it, if you write something 10 times again, it isn’t as effective.

Tip 9: Remember small information at a time.

Every study session you have, just try to remember a page/part of your information, not all at once. Your brain will sort information better that way, and not be overwhelmed all at once.


That’s all I can think of now. Have fun studying! :>

…Oh who am I kidding? Studying sucks.


17 thoughts on “How to Study Well

  1. this is so helpful I have an exam tomorrow and I feel like nothings sticking in my head. for the q-cards thing I just use the app cram it’s much better then writing because it’s easier to type fast them write. Thanks Anna 😊


    • Same! I have a fitness exam tomorrow. Fortunately, it’s short and easy but it’s important to study for it. πŸ˜›
      Good luck on your exam! I do use digital Q-Cards as well, but the problem with me is that I have a hard time studying near an electronic device. I get distracted easily, so I need to isolate myself in my lonely basement.


      • Goodluck on your exam too ! I think my exams 2 hrs . Yea I get distracted a lot I blocked wordpress and stuff on my computer but now I just go on my phone and I’m already super distracted . I didn’t even know there was a fitness exam usually the fitness teachers i had would just give us an in class assignment as an exam


      • Thanks! Mine is 1 hour and 30 minutes, I believe. In public schools there isn’t an exam, but for catholic schools there is. :/
        At least it’s not hard, it should boost my grade up (I haven’t been caring about fitness very much lately, so my average is low… I only care about it if we have a test, but I’ve done poorly on the reflection questions.)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ohh no wonder and I hope you got a good mark . I find it weird though since fitness is about moving and physical activity not sitting in one place and writing a test


  2. one time my friends and I were studying and we made this little “dance” think to memorize the info (was about agriculture and tools)
    but we didn’t think it through so in the middle of the test you can just see 3 students just randomly making awkward hand gestures/movements like we were trying to summon something
    but it worked though

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are actually really good tips! Sometimes I find it hard to study in absolute silence, so I either listen to music with no words… or music in a language I can’t understand, so everything they say just sounds like more instruments. xD
    I usually use Q-cards and memorize it while I’m going to bed and try to recite it when I wake up. xP

    Liked by 1 person

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