i finally have some references for seth

most people know him for wearing a green sweater, well you see that’s basically his standard outfit, i suppose 😛

It’s also my least favourite as well, so I regret telling people to draw him like that. I’ve just been too lazy to draw his other outfits…

They’re really sketchy now, but whatever. This is basically his clothing in a universe similar to ours? (I have like 3 different versions of Seth, all basically the same person but in a different universe, so they have different experiences which changes his personality a bit.)


Left: boring ass outfit

Middle: School uniform

Right: Basically what he wears when he’s hanging out in his room, alone. (The words on the shirt changes, but I guess the “Why Are You Reading This” is the signature shirt, I suppose.)

He obviously has more outfit (especially sweaters, he loves sweaters I swear), but this is just… It in a nutshell, I suppose.

i was going to list some useless information about him, but most of it was me insulting him in a way

so have a list of things I originally planned for seth:

  • He was originally going to have a split personality disorder, one tsundere, one yandere. This was scrapped because too many OCs had a split personality disorder, that I found it cringeworthy. Now he’s essentially a tsundere turned yandere. 😛
  • Instead of wearing/liking light colours, originally he wore dark colours, headphones, and a bandaid on his nose. He was also supposed to be a tsundere, and not a yandere at all. I began to like yanderes, so I decided to change his personality originally… BY A LOT.
  • Originally I planned for him to kill his lover (I haven’t really fully decided a name yet, but I like the name Mei), and then go into a coma from a lock down. In his coma, essentially he had a dream about the girl (both of them going on adventures, yay) and once he woke up, he’d realise that it was all just a dream, and that she’s dead. I didn’t continue it, because the story gets dumb from here, which I won’t go into detail. (Nunnally and Jared should know this story, go ask them if you care so much.)
  • He was supposed to have a fetish for blue haired girls, and ones with big boobs. He also liked older woman. YEAAAH, NO. SETH YOU’RE GOING TO BE YAWN DAIRY FOR A CHILDHOOD FRIEND O K!?
  • His best friend was going to be a guy named Zack. I decided to now make Seth hate Zack with passion, and have his GAY LOVER best friend be Aleks.

i feel tempted to draw some seth x aleks tbh

“Oh dear God. Please no.” -Jared’s reaction to when I draw Seth x Aleks.

yeh that’s it

also if you really feel the need to draw seth, draw his uniform outfit, or wait until i get my other outfits of seth done because i like them a lot better than this seth k thnx bye


11 thoughts on “i finally have some references for seth

    • Believe it or not, he’s actually supposed to be asexual. Which means he doesn’t or barely gets sexually attracted by anything.
      Asexuals can love, but they couldn’t care less about sex. (IMHO, it’s like family love. You don’t want to do the nasty with them, but you care for their well being and try to make them better.)
      But in all honesty, because he doesn’t care about body parts, you can answer that yourself. 😉

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