haven’t drawn in a long time digitally

blame my pen tablet sucking

have the most accurate drawing of myself you will ever face

hbnnnnnngbasically my style is:

-oversized sweaters where you will never see my hands

-running shoes

-shorts, but not the booty ones that everyone wears nowadays

-polo shirts

-hair is always down

and have something i doodled in ms paint awhile ago:



26 thoughts on “haven’t drawn in a long time digitally

  1. Wow
    I wear booty shorts
    But like not the really short ones where your but hangs out
    I wear sweatshirts and I love super over sized shirts and yeah…
    And converse
    I only wear converse because that’s the only pair of shoes I own
    I hate shopping

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    • Almost everyone besides me wears booty shorts soooo
      I find booty shorts uncomfortable, because usually they’re right to show off that butt.
      I need loose shorts, man


  2. Lel
    Me: Medium hair, never gelled, horizontally striped t-shirt, dark pants with a belt, and blue sneakers. 😛
    Other guys: Hair gelled up and pushed to the side, floral shirts, plaid shorts, and all-white Vans.
    Personally I stand out

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      • Your sketchy drawings actually inspired me to start using Scratch to draw things… 😛
        Well, the two styles are pretty different. Your full drawings are “cleaner”, but your sketchy ones… There’s just something about them that appeals to me. 😉


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