Need an Editor?

—-shameless promotion—-

Hello folks! My name is AnnaArso if you can’t stare at the author section, and because I don’t have a life but I want to do something productive, along with writing skills, I will be an editor for anyone’s writing, free of charge! All you have to do is send/show me your work, and I’ll be sure to fix any errors you may have! 😉

Or if you don’t like it when editors mess up your already “beautiful” writing, I am also providing constructive criticism! Be warned though, I am definitely not near gentle when it comes to me reviewing your story, I will show NO mercy. So if you want a brave soul to question your writing for once, I am here!

No prices are necessary! HIRE ANNAARSO TODAY!

wat is this promotion seriously


36 thoughts on “Need an Editor?

  1. *stands on knees* Anna please be my editor please i really need help making my stories longer and fixing the grammar mistakes from 2 am. please please pretty please :3


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