Little Rant About Fantage Confessions

“Anna you’re supposed to be on hiatus!”

Well I am, but at the moment my brother is watching One Punch Man and I feel like it’s important to address this.

Anyways, if you guys haven’t been living under a rock lately, there’s this that’s pretty popular with the FTWP community, named Fantage Confessions. Recently, it has obtained heaps of hate because of the one post about comparing people on their blog (it wasn’t from the creator though, it was a confession suggested to them.)

So anyways, here’s where the rant begins, I suppose.

Am I the only one who finds this pretty stupid? I mean, first off it’s not even “Fantage Confessions”, more like “Opinions about the FTWP Community.” A Fantage confession would be like, “I honestly don’t understand why people would waste money on pixels. It’s a complete waste of time.” But nope, it’s filled with “so and so is a pussy, so and so are amazing, insert blogging community stuff here.”

Second off, when there are negative comments that could seriously damage someone’s self esteem, why doesn’t the owner just ignore them? In fact, these aren’t even confessions so you might as well block anything that’s spam, or not even relevant to the topic.


“idk I don’t want to be bias”

If you’re filtering every negative opinion on your thing (whatever you call it), that isn’t being bias. That’s acknowledging that whoever is saying these nasty comments are probably just trolls, and you’re helping people feel better about themselves.

Anyways, I honestly don’t see the point of this It’s probably just going to cause more stupid crap soon, to the point where the community dies off.

I think it’s best for it to be removed, or actually erase everything and only accept ACTUAL confessions.


27 thoughts on “Little Rant About Fantage Confessions

  1. I’ve never heard of it until the past couple days (I guess I am living under a rock), but I agree with what you’re saying. It sounds like a really hurtful place to be. I was going to check it out, but now I’m scared to. :<

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    • It’s not that awful. Usually someone says something nasty, then you have people following up saying that they’re great.
      But still, I honestly find it more sickening for the owner to just allow these nasty comments to be published, instead of ignoring them.
      I mean, I know she didn’t write them but she’s contributing to the problems.

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  2. Honestly, I was just about to post something like this, right now. I don’t feel as if alkl of these “confessions” will do any good. It’s just people saying whatever they wanted to say about people, and that can hurt some bloggers. I thought it was supposed to be confessions about FANTAGE, not bloggers. :/

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    • I know right? If I was the creator of Fantage Confessions, I’d have it be about FANTAGE. Not blogging.
      I’d also filter things out, there’s no issue about that if its purely spam…

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    • Yes, she wasn’t the one who said these things. But consider this:
      She’s PUBLISHING these “confessions” for everyone to see. In fact, these confessions aren’t even related to Fantage, so I think she’s contributing to the problem. She’s allowing people such as myself to see these thoughts, and no matter who you are it’s pretty hurtful to see someone say that they want you to kill yourself.

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    • Of course, things such as spam and negative comments that aren’t even related should be filtered entirely.
      We never even know what some people go through, and sometimes even just a simple anonymous insult can be someone’s breaking point.

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      • I honestly didn’t really care about “AnnaArso should kill herself” (something along those lines) because you can actually sue someone for a lot of money in certain countries. XP
        However, whenever that person mentioned Jared and I breaking up and me crying to everyone kinda made me mad because I actually almost did two days ago, and if it did happen I’d never post about it.
        The one that made me upset the most was when they were comparing people. Like, you can hurt my feelings, but don’t involve anyone else into it.

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  3. Well actually Anna, first off I agree with you. The way they say those things (I found this on Twitter a couple days ago) is disgusting. I compared it to this kpop confessions page I like and it’s mostly just antagonizing people they dislike. I understand if they say that’s their opinion on someone but otherwise it’s just stupid.

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  4. Yea The fantage finsta confessions has alot of people hating on other people and there’s so much unecessary drama . I think the person should remove it because I know its going to cause problems and tear us all apart


  5. I agree. I didn’t know about it until now, but I checked it out and it’s full of unrelated, mean things.
    They should either stop or start answering only related comments that don’t put people down.


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