this isn’t much of a hiatus, is it?

Just wondering, if I were to steam me playing video games (whatever I feel like), would people be willing to watch?

I’d also be talking via voice chat (you guys can just chat on the tiny chatbox of, you guys don’t need to talk via voice chat, and tbh that’d scare me) so you can technically see live reactions and such.


Little Rant About Fantage Confessions

“Anna you’re supposed to be on hiatus!”

Well I am, but at the moment my brother is watching One Punch Man and I feel like it’s important to address this.

Anyways, if you guys haven’t been living under a rock lately, there’s this that’s pretty popular with the FTWP community, named Fantage Confessions. Recently, it has obtained heaps of hate because of the one post about comparing people on their blog (it wasn’t from the creator though, it was a confession suggested to them.)

So anyways, here’s where the rant begins, I suppose.

Am I the only one who finds this pretty stupid? I mean, first off it’s not even “Fantage Confessions”, more like “Opinions about the FTWP Community.” A Fantage confession would be like, “I honestly don’t understand why people would waste money on pixels. It’s a complete waste of time.” But nope, it’s filled with “so and so is a pussy, so and so are amazing, insert blogging community stuff here.”

Second off, when there are negative comments that could seriously damage someone’s self esteem, why doesn’t the owner just ignore them? In fact, these aren’t even confessions so you might as well block anything that’s spam, or not even relevant to the topic.


“idk I don’t want to be bias”

If you’re filtering every negative opinion on your thing (whatever you call it), that isn’t being bias. That’s acknowledging that whoever is saying these nasty comments are probably just trolls, and you’re helping people feel better about themselves.

Anyways, I honestly don’t see the point of this It’s probably just going to cause more stupid crap soon, to the point where the community dies off.

I think it’s best for it to be removed, or actually erase everything and only accept ACTUAL confessions.

im a rop stalker o k

Occasionally I check out FantageRop, a blog that I used to work on (pretty sure all of you guys found me from there) to see if there are any new comments, or if Rop made any changes. (WHY AM I STILL A CONTRIBUTOR LOL)

Something odd I noticed is the snow. I’m pretty sure you have to manually put it on your blog using settings, so I find this sort of… Fishy. Was he potentially on recently? He hasn’t changed any posts, really.

To save time from you looking yourself, here’s a link to FantageRop.

Unless there’s a way for it to add snow automatically, I NEED ANSWERS

IT looks so weird with a fall background having snow.

Fall 2015 Bloggers Choice Awards: The Winners

And I like how Blizz, Yuki, and Piya who never posts anymore has received the rest of the awards. 😛

A Tree Obsession

The moment everyone has waited for! The awards are here! I am so sorry guys but I had to remove some categories due to some difficulty. And congrats to Yuki and Blizz for winning the most awards! Sadly, I the host, have been nominated by many lovely people, but since I am a host, I can’t get any awards.

Congratulations to everyone whom got nominated but don’t worry, there will be a 2016 Summer Blogger’s Choice Awards! And I would like is someone I can text (through hangouts and/or kik) to help host the awards for me next year! So start commenting if you would like to help me next year, but I have to be able to contact you through Kik or Hangouts.

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