Ftw Can’t Participate in Black Friday Deals

Bro in the local mall everything is on sale like 70%, but my parents aren’t coming back from Asia until Sunday. I miss them so much 😦

However, like the weeaboo I am I asked them to buy me some Japanese stuff in Japanese like stores over there, hopefully I’ll have a crap ton of squishes! >u<

I still wished that I could get new clothes this Black Friday though. =_=

Oh, and Nintendo should seriously put their games on sale, because I really want a good price drop for Super Mystery Dungeon. 😡


34 thoughts on “Ftw Can’t Participate in Black Friday Deals

  1. My friend’s parents are in asia too ._. yet I’m pretty sure if she wanted, she and her sister could go shopping with the money her parents gave her. Maybe you can do that too?


  2. I’m stuck at home. I don’t think my family is thrilled to be in the crosd of lunatics, although my dad mentioned online black friday sales…so yeah…but I want Asian mechardise. Why does my family not bring me to Japan?! The closest I ever got to Japan was Japantown in San Fran.


    • Well my parents don’t bring me because we don’t have money and they can only book vacations for when I’m in school. As a high school student, I can’t afford to miss a day. 😦
      There’s a Japanese shop near the city that’s like 3 hours away from mine. I really like it but because my parents don’t have time I rarely go there 😛

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  3. Oh my gosh I didn’t think I’d hear two such ideas in one post…
    Girly girl and tomboy at the same time…


    • I’m not really that much of a girly girl. I’m girly in a childish manner (liking stuffed animals and cute crap), but you’d never see me wear a dress and enjoy it.
      But is Pokemon really something only boys enjoy? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Feels was really amazing. However, Gates to Trash sucked terribly. I heard that Super was really great with GOOD plot twists added in addition, so I’m excited for that.


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