You’re Probably Going to End Up Not Reading This Post and Just Press the Like Button

Just sayin’, because looking at the likes and the comments I got last post I know exactly who read it and exactly who didn’t.

Or just ignore this post entirely.

Like most people do.



40 thoughts on “You’re Probably Going to End Up Not Reading This Post and Just Press the Like Button

  1. I read it, (the Gravatar one?) and honestly, I like to 1) show appreiciation for people making posts 2) keep track of which posts I’ve read.
    I try to comment, but sometimes you just don’t have time or just don’t want to.

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  2. I read all of your posts, in fact I read pretty much everyone’s posts even from when I was asleep. But there’s just so many sometimes I don’t have time to comment or I just feel it unecessary. But yeah, sometimes I feel like people don’t read my posts all the way tgrough and it bothers me that they don’t even take the time to comment a simple “______” (Whatever I say to comment in the post). XD Oki gtg bye! 😘

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    • I read your posts, but most of them are really short so I have no idea what to say ene
      I’d rather have people COMMENT than like my posts, likes mean absolutely nothing to me TBH


      • Lol yeah I know my posts are short
        //I really do try to write longer ones but it’s like u get an idea as then half why through my post I’m like… This is a stupid idea so I delete that long post lol
        Same likes aren’t that important to me either

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  3. OK the like button doesn’t even WORK for me for whatever stupid reason.
    I press like and some separate webpage thing pops up in the upper-left corner of my screen and disappears a second afterward.
    But I feel you, man. >.<


    • Yeah, I remember you making a post about people liking and not commenting.
      Likes mean next to nothing to me, I’d rather have zero likes on my post but one comment.

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    • I’m going to be honest, you write REALLY, REALLY long posts (and normally it’s during the morning here when you post) so I usually skim yours, and try to comment something because I want it to seem like I actually care, since you write about a lot of things that I’m surprised no one else has commented on. :/
      It sucks how we put so much effort but no one reads it… Haha.


      • Yeah i always try to make my posts shorter because i know most people don’t like long posts. Trust me when i say they’re not as long as they used to be. Still working on it though. Thanks for telling me honestly. =)

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