Favourite Gravatar Tag

For most of you, you’ve probably kept the same gravatar for a long time.

But if you’re like me, you’ve probably changed more than once a week.

So here’s the favourite gravatar tag, where you screencap every gravatar you’ve had and circle your favourite ones!

gravatar tag

I couldn’t choose between these six, sorry. Yeah, I had a load of different ones.

I tag: Anyone who wants to do this, because literally every single one of you kept the same Gravatar or changed only once in your entire life.

And for those who are actually reading this: What gravatar did I have when you met me? Just say the row and which number on that row, and describe what it looks like.

Also, if you end up liking the post and not answering the question then I’m going to assume that you just liked my post and didn’t even care about what I had to say. 🙂


28 thoughts on “Favourite Gravatar Tag

    • I thought you never changed yours. O.o It’s okay, no one here ever changes their constantly besides me LOL
      By the way, I swore that I changed my first Gravatar before I started working on FantageRop. :^) I change mind too often.

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  1. I can’t even remember what your first gravatar image was when I first met you.. I feel like they weren’t in the same order of your gravatar images. Maybe it was the one right before my Seth drawing. xD Hehe, I only see your gravatar profile pics for less than a week and then it’s something new lol. And I wouldn’t be able to do this cuz I only really have one image… I’ll have to find a new one sometime. xP

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  2. I think I met you when you had the gravatar on the second row (counting from the bottom up) and the third column (counting from the right).
    And also, I’m commenting late not b/c I didn’t read your post and just liked it (I actually liked it right now because for some reason this post didn’t appear in my reader) but because my reader hates me.

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  3. I’ve only changed mine ONCE.
    If you remember, it used to be a picture of me wearing Easter hair, cat ears, a bunny nose, beach boy top, and a candy cane. It was mostly a neck-up picture and I was jumping. It had a gray background and it had LukeH2O in white at the top.
    Changed it to the one I have currently. ^-^

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