The health test was easy. :> (I probably got some wrong though, but other than that I should get at least a 80% FOR SURE, which is considered an A in Canada.) But I swear I got perfect, unless my fitness teacher doesn’t find my answers good enough to “what does it mean to live healthy?” 

All of my classmates thought it was hard though. I guess cramming until 1:00am works!? (They didn’t study.)

OH, and I also got perfect for my reading comprehension for French! I did horrible last unit, so I’m glad that this will raise my average. 😀

All is good, so far.

Okay I need to a crap ton of religion homework now, because my teacher is from hell.


31 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS

      • Crap isn’t a cuss word.
        And I have an excellent question: What makes a bad word a bad word?
        If it being mean makes it bad, then stupid should also be a bad word.
        And I didn’t use a “bad word” directly at the bible, so it shouldn’t be offensive.
        That’s like being offended because a friend of yours said, “I really like your hair, mine looks like crap.” (I mean, that is all in one sentence but it doesn’t insult you, so you should take it as a compliment.)
        Besides, I go to a catholic school (which is why I have religion class) and literally everyone swears 24/7. 😛

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      • What’s SS class?
        I lost faith in humanity a long time ago, but everyone swearing shouldn’t be why you lost faith. As said, bad words are really just society saying, “okay we’re going to make these words considered bad so that whoever says it is automatically cooler/edgier.”
        There a lot of more MUCH BETTER reasons to lose humanity, such as people nowadays are doing adult stuff at such a young age… Ew.
        And how everyone is just so rude.

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    • Nope, it’s because I go to a catholic school. I have to take it all four of my years…
      It sucks because I wish to take other classes instead of religion on my fourth and final year to have enough credits for what I want to be when I grow up. *Sigh*


  1. Aww… The latest I’ve stayed up to study was actually in 4TH GRADE. My teacher was really harsh on homework… I had a HUGE, HUGE assignment due the next day. Or should I say in 7 hours – I stayed up until 1:30.


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