Went Shopping Today + I Commissioned Someone!


I barely go shopping. In fact, this summer because I’m going to a school with uniforms I decided that I don’t need new clothes, because I spend most of my time outdoors at school.

Well, you see unfortunately we have a lot of out of uniform days. (Which I always hate, and sometimes forget and make a fool out of myself.)

Anyways, I don’t want people making fun of me and my extremely unfashionable old clothing, so I begged my mother to take me to go shopping. XP

And I got a lot of stuff! Unfortunately my camera sucks and I’m too lazy to take good photos of what I bought. In addition, these clothes don’t appear on the websites…

I’ve shopped at Old Navy and Aeropostale, by the way. In a mall that’s in another city besides mine those two shops always have a lot of stuff on sale. And if you know my family well enough, we only buy stuff on sale- no exceptions.

Besides, full price for shirts nowadays is freaking 40 dollars. That’s way to overpriced. :/

Most of my shirts costed around 20 dollars. I remembered when clothing was like 10 dollars… Good o’l days.

Anyways, pretty satisfied with what I got! They’re comfortable too, which is AMAZING. Comfort > Looks.

Onto another topic, I commissioned someone on Deviantart to draw my Gaia Online avatar for cheap, 10 points!

And they did an AMAZING job!

My avatar looks so cute ;o;

You can check her Deviantart over here, and maybe commission her yourself. ;D


16 thoughts on “Went Shopping Today + I Commissioned Someone!

  1. I’m a dude and my mom buys me my clothes for me! And to be honest, I like them. Score!
    I really hate shopping for clothes, but I’m into fashion, weird? Not?
    Well, if I could see an electronic catalog of clothes like the Fantage shops, I’d probably pick my own clothing. Maybe I find it inconvenient physically shopping at a store, walking around, taking shirts off racks, putting them in a cart, etc. etc. etc.


    • Nah, it’s not weird. I hate going to stores seeing other people, or them being in my way when I want to purchase something, hahaha.
      My mom always buys me hideous crap… So I have to go with her.

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