Wait, what? 

Expect me to spam you guys with amazing experiences I may have with throwing candy at children.

So basically a group of third graders (I’m assuming) came, but instead of ringing on the door bell they opened the door and just opened their bag. LOLWAT

I THOUGHT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO RING ON THE DOORBELL (I’m literally sitting right in front of the closed door, so I was just surprised.)

Children with no manners nowadays… Unless they recently taught kids to open the door in Halloween instead of ringing the silly doorbell. If so, please inform me so!


21 thoughts on “Wait, what? 

  1. yeah, this year they kinda decided to change it up a bit and instead of knocking or ringing a doorbell, they decide to push open the doors or open them.
    actually, last year, someone’s door was a bit open so I kinda pushed it open a bit and ran away, my group and I were confused and stared at the door until a lady with a bowl of oreos came out like “Would any of you like an oreo?”
    we had no choice but to take one.
    they were soft.

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  2. Me and my friends went at, like, nine. Everyone was either already done giving out candy or were ignoring us, so by the fifth house that had no answer, the gutsier one of my friends started banging on the door and ringing the doorbell incessantly and I’m like, “WTF ARE YOU DOING!”.
    Then she tried opening the door and it was open and at that point I left.

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    • Well, my dad always leaves the garage door open and no one has ever stolen anything. Ever. (He closes it at night or when we’re not home though.)
      So yeah, I guess so!


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