Need Ideas, Guys…

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start using my free time on something productive: Making a game. I have an RPG maker, so it’d be made by using that.

The game won’t be child friendly, by the way. Basically the game is about a girl who wakes up in a hospital, not remembering anything. (Generic, I know.) The twist is that 5 boys visit her on the day she wakes up, all claiming to be her boyfriend.

So the question is: Who was her boyfriend before she went into an accident?

There isn’t really a specific goal. The player can choose to try to find what happened, or just date one of the boys.

Anyways, here’s where I need your opinions!

Would you rather have vague endings that all connect to each other, where it won’t be clear and the player will have to theorise for themselves who was the girl’s boyfriend and what happened before the incident? (No clear answer.)

Or have the setting change depending on her actions, which results into the ending that is given? (For example, in one ending this guy would be her boyfriend, in another ending another guy was her boyfriend, etc.) What happened before the incident would all rely on what you decide to do.

Comment down below guys! I need to know how the endings will be like before I write the story, then make the game…


44 thoughts on “Need Ideas, Guys…

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