Everyone is skipping my house and going to the next house.

There’s been like 50 people who passed and only one person came.

Their loss. All of this candy shall be mine. :^)

But it makes me upset that they decided to skip our house… What’s wrong with ours? The light is on and we have pumpkins outside! 😛

Oh well, I’m going to have a lot of candy this year, without having to walk around!


41 thoughts on “LOOOOL

      • Jared lives in the opposite side of town. And he stopped going trick of treating in 5th grade…
        Also my parents don’t know about him (well they know he exists and friends but that’s it), so it’s not like I could invite him over to help me throw candy (since boys aren’t allowed in my house anyways haha.)

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  1. I don’t even buy candy to give out since I live in an apartment. Kids here skip the houses and just trick or treat at the stores because no one trusts the houses lel. 2 or 3 houses still give out candy tho

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  2. Haha it’s still 5 right now yet the streets are starting to fill up
    Usually when we go out we go to a different neighborhood to trick or treat, we leave a bowl full of candy outside and put up a sign to take one, but our neighborhood is pretty small and all the candy is gone when we came back (the bowl itself was gone one year LOL)

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    • It’s smart… If you’re too lazy to see people. And most of the time people are happy that they can get as much as they desire. XD


  3. We’re Christians; we don’t believe in celebrating Halloween; enough said; no need to discuss.
    But I simply taped a paper to the front door. It was really cheesy; I wrote, “NO CANDY! But thank us for lowering your risk of cavities.”


    • I go to a Catholic school and we had a huge Halloween party in the cafeteria… Lol. (Well, most people in my school aren’t even faithful, so I mean…)
      I also saw a lot of people from my high school out trick or treating…
      Poor children, being disappointed 😦


  4. Instead we went to Baskin Robbins and I got America’s Birthday Cake ice cream… Yum.
    We also went to a fall festival and got candy there… So I still got candy but in a different way.
    I think I’m gonna call Halloween “Hollow Win” because I barely get anything then…

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