Why Senpai Should Never Notice You


Well first off, if you have said this (and you were entirely serious about it), I want you to follow these letters: S.T.O.P! Senpai should only be used to upperclassmen that you respect IN YOUR SCHOOL. Preferably in Japan, since it’s a Japanese word and considering that you’re reading this in English, you probably live in an English speaking country, which means no one understands what senpai means.

Anyways, you might be wondering, “b-but I want to be noticed by my special someone!”

Well you see, there’s a reason why he/she won’t notice you. Let me introduce you to a one shot manga called Risou no Kareshitachi. (WARNING: Blood and violence!) The description of the one shot is: Naho wants to be Hayato’s girlfriend, but senpai won’t quit noticing her. (No seriously, click here, that’s where I got my description from.)

Read it over here.

That is what happens when senpai notices you. You don’t want that to happen, do you? (Unless you’re really weird like me and you’re into that sort of thing.)

So yeah, senpai should never notice you. Quit your dreams and get out of your weeaboo phase. :^)

But if you really want senpai to notice you, just go all Yuno Gasai all over him and a forced romance will happen.


27 thoughts on “Why Senpai Should Never Notice You

  1. “susy can you help me”
    “with what”
    “getting senpai to notice me”
    “who’s senpai”
    “he’s that guy -points at random innocent kid-
    “why do you want senpai to notice you”
    “bc I do. he never notices me.”
    “Hi, senpai. My friend wants you to notice her. Not sure what it means, though.”
    “who’s senpai”
    “She said your name was senpai.”
    -girl facepalms-
    “I hate you susy”
    moral of story: senpais don’t exist
    they’re nowhere to be found
    they’re extinct

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