Remember Club Penguin?

Well, it’s still pretty popular, haha. I’m basically playing around Virtual Worlds, waiting until I can go to my friend’s house to work on our fitness assignment, and then going home talking to Jared. 😛

Right now they’re celebrating their 10th year anniversary! Wow, they’re that old, huh? They were giving out a lot of items, and you can see me right now wearing them:

oh yeah

Man, I look like a boy. In fact, I always pretended to be one. 😛

All of these free items are from previous events, since it says that I’ve gotten it before…. Wow, great job reusing items. It’s not like it matters anyways, since there’s nothing like MyMall in Fantage where you can trade and sell items.

I’m also getting bothered by how nons can’t do ANYTHING… In Fantage, nons have way too much freedom I’m so used to the freedom that they have.

Did you know: I had a 6 month Club Penguin membership. Now you know. I also had Fantage for one month, just to see how it’s like.

It annoys me to no end how I’m so rich, yet can’t buy anything, and that I can’t wear my old membership items >_< (A waste of my inventory space, I tell you.)

Until I noticed… In the shops they’re selling a lot of items from previous events! 😮 (I had some of these too.) And since I haven’t played for my entire life, some of them were new to me!

Well… Only these pages, but better than nothing like before! (Even though these items were entirely free if you went to that event, pfft.)

club penguin items

club penguin items

The thing that I like about Club Penguin is that there’s no gender tied to your account, so you can look like a guy in one day and be a girl the next. 😛

Girl Outfit:

girl outfit

Boy Outfit:

boy outfit

Anyways will I be playing Club Penguin regularly now? Heck no. :^)


15 thoughts on “Remember Club Penguin?

  1. Wow, seriously? Ten years? And they’re reusing items now? I bet they’ll close soon, then. c: And if there’s no trading or anything, I’M NOT GOING BACK THERE.
    In BV, your account was either a boy or a girl, but the only thing it changed were the faces. So you could be a boy with long, flowing hair or a girl with hair like Ginnifer Goodwin’s. 🙂 It was great for cosplaying, let me tell you…

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    • I think it’s for the 10 year event, they’re giving items from previous years (one from each year, perhaps?)
      They probably also want to show that they give nons freedom, when really they’re just being lazy. Haha.
      Trust me though, they’re too strong to close down. They’re just smart at being lazy, as a member I’ve noticed that they’ve resold a lot of items… Besides, it’s owned by Disney so they can easily advertise it if they had to.


      • Oh, probably. -_- Still, though, would it have killed them to make new stuff?
        I guess… 🙄 Meh, it doesn’t really affect me or Fantage that much, so I’m not going to worry about it. 😛

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