I Hate Gossip…

You can say in high school I made a questionable group of friends, people you would assume I WOULD NEVER hang out with! And to be honest, I wouldn’t if it weren’t for the fact that there is no one else to join!

They weren’t kidding when they said kids who go to my high school are extremely snobby. They really are. They always talk bad about every other school. Ugh, people. These people all need Jesus, and we’re in a catholic school.

Anyways, my “friends” ALWAYS, ALWAYS TALK BEHIND PEOPLE’S BACKS, AND SAY RUDE THINGS. It’s sickening! And they always talk about how hot a boy is. Um, they all look ugly eventually, so why care so much about those looks? Jeez, these two dimensional chicks.

Okay, time to say majority of my social life in high school up to this point.

First week I was basically a loser, I just sat with two other girls that said “hi” to me during the orientation. They’re REALLY quiet, haha.

Second week I met a friend in French class, let’s call her Mary. (Because I’m not revealing full names.) Mary was a really nice girl at first! There’s also this other girl in French class who has THE SAME NAME AS ME, Anna! Except her name is spelled with one n. So I’ll be calling her Ana. Ana’s pretty cool. She’s also in grade ten (she’s from South America and came to Canada halfway through the semester, so she’s taking those grade nine classes she missed.) Because of her, I can hang around with tenth graders, haha!

Anyways, third week in after the student council member was announced in the dance, Mary got a twerking buddy (not even joking) during the dance, and now they’re just BFFs. They bonded…. So quickly. I’m excluded most of the time. So I’m back to being alone majority of the time! Yay!

Thankfully, before the dance Mary introduced me to her group of friends, and there’s this one girl who I have A LOT in common with! Let’s just call her Dawn, because that’s her screen name. Dawn loves to draw, I love to draw, Dawn and I both enjoy classical music, etc! She’s also really nice! Unfortunately, we only have fitness class together, so we only talk in the cafeteria really… I also like how mature she is over the internet! We have added each other in some social media accounts.

So here’s where the story kicks in.

So recently Dawn has been eating lunch with other friends that she has, and this makes Mary pissed off or whatever. So Mary would start always talking behind Dawn’s back! Along with every other person who knows Dawn in elementary school. (Note that we don’t have a middle school here.)

“Dawn only talks about boys now!”

“Dawn isn’t Dawn anymore. She’s so violent!”

“Dawn is so rude!”

Okay, the problem with this is that THEY ALSO TALK ABOUT BOYS ALL OF THE TIME. And I find them more rude than Dawn. Sure I’ve only known Dawn for like two weeks, but she… Hasn’t done that at all. I’ve never seen her talk about guys, she’s only violent to jerks, and she’s pretty nice but blunt. (Like one time, she said that she hates eyeliner on Mary, but I guess she’s honest?)

I feel SO bad because at least what I know, Dawn isn’t just that. Maybe she’s just hiding a mask in front of me, but at least she doesn’t do that to me, haha. I’ve asked Dawn if they’re fighting or whatever (because at one point, Mary said that Dawn is mad at her) and she says that nothing is wrong. I’ve told her the truth that they’ve been talking behind her back, but she doesn’t seem to mind as much.

It’s kinda too soon to judge, but I find it morally wrong to talk bad behind your friend AT ALL! Y’know, friends fight, there will be something that you dislike, but at least talk to them about it! Don’t be spreading rumors that someone is a bad person. If I don’t like this trait, I’ll straight up tell my friend, not tell other people, “HEY THIS PERSON IS BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

If you want someone to be less of a bad person, tell them about it. Don’t gossip, because it just makes you as bad or even worse as a person.


25 thoughts on “I Hate Gossip…

    • I honestly don’t think that Dawn deserves this treatment from her so called elementary school friends. =_=
      So far recently Dawn has been sitting with us, so they haven’t had a chance to start saying mean things. But next time I’m going to mention that they should talk to her about it, instead of trying to spread rumors. 😛

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      • No, she doesn’t. :/ If worst comes to worst and these people don’t tell Dawn what they really think of her, I’d just tell her. People deserve to know when they’re being gossiped about, after all… 😛


      • I already told Dawn parts of the story, but she doesn’t know the full one. (Mainly because I don’t want to entirely ruin their friendship, and sound like I’M the one spreading rumors.)


      Mary tried to get me a “cute boy” to dance with during the dance. Of course, they don’t know about my already existing relationship with Jared. 😛
      But even so, I don’t think about how cute he is 24/7. Heck, I started dating him when he looked ugly, (IMHO.) He’s fine looking now, though. :^)
      But seriously, these girls are loving guys for their looks, not who they are in the inside….

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      • tbh marks are kind of the talk that’d be replaced with the “boys and girl” talk….
        My school is extremely competitive (considering that it’s almost all asian, im not surprised) so thats how it usually ends up
        theres also just really normal talk? Art is p big here too since art school and really just any events coming up like Oktoberfest or Halloween and since it’s grade 11, getting your drivers license.
        talking behind peoples backs definitely do happen, and I’ve participated too, but it’s about this girl that bullied me back in grade 8 that i found out no one really likes and me, still being salty about her, loves gossip about her but it rarely happens ^^;;


      • No one here ever talks about their marks or cares as much, haha. .-.
        Most of the time people goof around.
        I also found that I haven’t met anyone that’s stereotypically Asian. Like, all of the Asians I’ve met wants/have girlfriends or boyfriends, they don’t care too much about their academic success, etc. =_=
        Man, all of you guys go to really great places. I just ended up in the wrong place, but I assume no other school would be better. As said, this is a really good academic school. If I go to other schools, I’ll have a hard time with university since they’re a lot easier XP


  1. Number one thing I’m going to say is that, my school is WAY different from yours. Yes, the occasional rumors and there are pretty mean people there, but not like yours. High school was just like my middle school just a bit more dramatic. But that’s it.
    I think you’re in the wrong crowd since they don’t seem that good at all. Trust me when I saw you should leave that group before you get too involved.

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    • The thing is….
      Has stupid rumors. =_=
      Or they don’t want to be near me. 🙂
      As said, this school is known to be great in academics… And for having the snobbiest people alive.
      Ugh, teachers told me that I’d find people like me, but I only found one, Dawn and she also has a lot of other friends, haha. And her elementary ones like to gossip about her, >_>

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  2. //2-dimensional chicks
    //all need Jesus
    Ok all jokes aside I totally know what you mean
    Tbh some of my friends changed so much but I can’t rlly just “leave them” //I’ll be friendless lol
    But I hav 2 other groups of friends I can join, one group is like the rlly shy quiet kids, but they are actually pretty cool and I have this other friend (calling her mon) mon is like super nice to everyone and you know that one kid that everyone kind of doesn’t rlly like (not hate, just dislike) and doesn’t rlly have a friend? I use to be friends with her but tbh she is so annoying and all she does is gossip and talk about her personal life that idgaf about
    So the girl stared to cling onto mon right (she literally has no one else) and now I can’t even sit or talk to mon at lunch… We’ve been like friends since elementary school (and use to be neighbors)
    But yeah…
    My school is kinda complicated and half of the school is just fake


    • They DO all need Jesus. And we’re in a Catholic school, they need even moar Jesus.
      That sucks about mon. :/ Usually the kids here that everyone dislikes are people who are nerds, and likes to force their interests on people. Like this one girl who blasted her pokemon game sounds in art club….


  3. I personally don’t think talking behind a person’s back is terrible AS LONG as it doesn’t get too far. I have done it before but I don’t do it often at all so I’m not trying to justify myself. It’s just human nature afterall.
    But i think you’re annoyed because they gossip too much? I have friends who talks bad about other friends too and i don’t agree with them so i only listen and not join in. Though i agree it gets really annoying.
    Lol in camp last year, my friends were talking about guys at night (you know, what’s said in the dorm stays in the dorm kind of thing), they were taking turns to talk saying things like which guy they thought was hot. This other girl and i didn’t join in the conversation at all. And once in a while they would realise that we’re trying to get away from it but we both didn’t say a word pretending to be asleep haha


    • I guess you could say I’m a person with high morals, so I find it disgusting to talk back behind your friends. It’s okay if you’re not naming anyone, though. (To show that you actually care, but you want to mention the event.)
      All of you children always wanting boyfriends. Let me tell you that they’re all trash, and even the most perfect guys at first are trash eventually. :^) *Casually hides Jared*


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