Art Trades and Doodles

Warning: One of the drawings shown has blood, although you can’t avoid that because of the reader. 😉

I’m so evil, mwahahahaha.

By the way, for those who have tagged me to do things recently, I haven’t done them because at the time I was busy with talking to people (such as family.) Sorry! I’m not going to do them because I REALLY need to work on my religion assignment. I worked on these because I owe some people art trades, and I like to take art breaks from trades…


Art trade for Emily. You can see what she did on her blog over here.

this isn't my fault

A sketch of Kumagawa from Medaka Box. In all honesty, I really want to watch/read it, but the plot is too boring for me, most characters are too overpowered, and there are too many characters so I’ll barely see the one I want to see. I’ve watched a few episodes and I might make a huge rant post about it.


Art trade in progress for Mina. Gotta work on my assignment, so I’ll complete it later.


19 thoughts on “Art Trades and Doodles

  1. Anna, I’m sry, do u want a traditional black n white one? I’m so sry, I didn’t read the comments b4…u cud just tell me
    so do u want a traditional one?


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