Quick Ways to Make Gold in Gaia Online (Without Using Your Wallet)

Inflation is pretty bad. Well now you can beat inflation, by using these two methods! 🙂 I’ve told one of these to many people, but with the Runway added I have a new method for those who just want millions of gold ASAP. (Not great for billions, though!)

I’m also making this quick guide because I’m trying to post useful stuff, instead of having me ranting about my life. (Oh, and so my blog gets more noticed, too.)

1. Using the Runway – Vote! (But who cares who wins?)

Go to the Runway, go to vote in one of the areas, and instead of just actually choosing between who is better, choose one side (left or right) to be dedicated to, and just keep on clicking! (Even before the avatar loads! Click!)

In all honesty, it doesn’t even matter who wins because your vote probably doesn’t matter as much, since it’s only one vote. But it’d be funny if you doing that resulted in someone with an outfit that doesn’t match the theme becomes first place all because you used this technique.

2. Play Lake Kindred

Do it for the items. Potions are worth millions. Ally plus potions are worth billions. Now you can easily become a billionaire, yay! My close friend (won’t say her name because I know she doesn’t want people knowing that she has Gaia) and I used this technique to become billionaires. When you defeat an enemy or level up, you have a chance of getting these items. Sell them in the marketplace! What are you waiting for? Play Lake Kindred! (You shouldn’t care about Lake Kindred, because it’s basically a pay to win game.)


Any other way isn’t as great as these two methods, so I’m not even going to bother listing them. Using the runaway is great if you’re on for a short while, and Lake Kindred is great when you have multiple tabs! (So that you can have one tab playing it, another playing a different game, oh yeah.)

By the way, if anyone wants to add me on Gaia Online, feel free to do so: AnnaArso

I spent so much money on my eyes, hair, and the jacket I’m currently wearing. (As of today.) No regrets! :^)

Anyways, right now I’m forcing myself to go through a strict rule of not buying anything (unless it’s super cheap) until I have over 100 billion gold, because I know inflation is just going to be worse in the future, and I want to be in a good position. (It just gets worse and worse each year… I remember when I started with my old account, annatendo. Having just thousands of gold was hard to come by…)


20 thoughts on “Quick Ways to Make Gold in Gaia Online (Without Using Your Wallet)

    • I know you can draw your way to get some gold, but I feel like my art isn’t good enough to charge for so much, haha
      Like the same price I’d charge for my art is the same price I can display my potions for that I get in Lake Kindred. ^^”


      • If you say so! Yeah, you for sure get a lot of practice. (I got tons while doing a lot of art requests for people!) I was thinking of making an art shop, but I’m not too sure. (I’m really bad with using forms, haha.)


    • It’s mainly forms, but it’s also a virtual world (y0u can hang out in towns)
      It’s also filled with late teens and young adults, so it’s a very mature community
      My friends and I usually use it to dress up, lol.
      I mean, there are so many good items
      They’re pixelated MUCH better than Fantage
      Anyways if you don’t want to deal with immature kids then Gaia is the way to go, haha.


      • Icic
        I tried playing once but got confused how when u buy a hair or down thing it won’t save o your inventory? Idk everything was just so confusing and I just gave up lol


      • Well, it depends where you buy the hair… It sure is confusing at first, but once you know where everything is it’s easy 😛


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