What do Couples Talk About?

Great question. I always wondered what normal couples usually talk about. Don’t they get bored of hearing the generic romantic stuff? I mean, saying the same stuff over and over again for majority of their life must be boring. They must do something else besides saying this:


But in all honestly though, what do most of them do? I mean, majority of lovers are based off of looks, not personality. (Harsh truth.) Jared and I don’t do that at all, instead we have stupid conversations about the future:

jared and i

jared and i 2

(Forgot to censor the the other name for Richard, but I’m pretty sure you can handle that word.)

Our relationship in a nutshell, folks! This is all we talk about. Stupid things. Amazing. On another note, I wished him and I went to the same high school, so we could have even more stupid conversations in the cafeteria. :))) It sucks to literally live across the city, because we rarely see each other.

By the way, Jared and I had a hard time having the first conversation. Here are bloopers while trying to have a generic, fourteen year old cringeworthy couple!

bloopers part 1

I was going to say something after closing eyes, but clearly Jared doesn’t want to work with me.

bloopers part 2

“all of the starts babe” (intentional to be crappy) Violent Jared, violent.


So if anyone has a clear answer of what couples talk about, please let me know. :)))))


66 thoughts on “What do Couples Talk About?

    • Who cares if they’re attractive or not? Most of my friends think that Jared is ugly, but I think he’s cute. ❤
      Personality is where it's at, yo. Besides, we all look ugly at the end.

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      • Same, but I literally met Jared from an ex-friend of ours. Him and I don’t go to the same school at all ;o;
        School is a terrible place to find a relationship, because rumors spread easily haha


      • The rumor part is right
        I have lots of friends that are boys (less drama and don’t get as mad easily) and we hang out a lot and sometimes we get into these “fights” but the truth is we r just like play wrestling or something and lots of times it ends up in weird positions and sometimes they will like Coke sit next to me or legit sit on me or stuff like that and ppl would think we like each other so at my school i am literally shipped with like a third of my grade 😂😂😂

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      • Meanwhile in school I’m known as a loser who will never have a boyfriend, lol. My relationship with Jared is a huge secret.


      • Dang really?
        Never been in a relationship before and I think I’m too young I mean I’m still in school so it’s kinda unnecessary
        I feel bad cuz 2 times actually ppl have asked me out but I rejected them (brutally… Nice-ish)
        //pat pat
        You’re not a loser 😉
        I’ve only liked this guy one time but it was legit for one week and then I moved on (to myself), we r friends tho but he doesn’t know lol

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      • I honesty believe I’m way too young, but it just kinda happened. In no way did I intend to date Jared when I met him, it was mainly just a friendship based off of pokemon. Yeah, rejecting people is hard… I’ve rejected guys over the internet because they’re literally over the internet. Sometimes I have these crush phases, but it’s just purely out of looks, so I know what reality is. (Damn hormones telling me to date.)

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  1. That murder part though, since that’s what my friend said to me. XD
    But I haven’t found any boys interesting or worthy of me yet lol. I don’t plan to date or find any guy for me until I’m 20 years old. I feel then, I would be mature enough to handle a long term relationship. But your relationship with Jared is really cute. ♥ Hope you two stay together forever or as long as possible. 🙂


    • Thanks! 🙂 Yeah trust me I’m too young, but our relationship just kinda happened. In all honesty, when you’re in college/university it’s the perfect time to get a boyfriend! Your plan will be set out, you’re an adult, you’ll know what you’re doing, etc.

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  2. All these comments tho xD
    If I had a crush that I’d known before, I’d probably just insult them or something so nobody would know.
    Idk about flirting, declarations of love, “I love you more”, or “you hang up first”.
    #foreveralone. Everybody be in a relationship and I’m awkwardly fangirling over fictional characters.
    I mean sure, if someone loved me as much as in my fandoms, then yeah.
    But fictional characters are still SOOO much better than real people.
    Maybe that’s why I never accept this kind of love. 🙂

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    • I know right? 😛
      Most teenage relationships are basically just them holding hands, being close to each other, kissing, blah blah blah r-18 rated stuff…
      You gotta have fun and be free, or you’ll never be happy.

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