Unfortunate News

I lost. The person who won won because… HE’S A GUY. There was only one boy who wrote a speech, and he won. Ugh. He had a pretty crappy speech too. (He was too quiet… I was almost beside him and I couldn’t hear him.) Almost all boys voted for him because he’s male. Most people thought I’d win (myself included, to be honest) and some people even told me I should have won.

(And this was the day Anna became an extreme feminist. Screw boys, am I right!? Besides Jared, he’s the best.)

I’ll just have to run next year! Maybe I should make more inappropriate jokes. 😉 Leave suggestions below guys, gotta have the best speech in the world!

Have a nice night!


51 thoughts on “Unfortunate News

  1. Being a feminist doesn’t mean “screw boys”. I know what you are trying to get at, that it was unfair that the boy won, when obviously you should have won, and I agree on that.
    But being a feminist means the support of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men (I just took the from Google). Which means equality for both women and men. I know you meant just the whole thing about the boys picking the boy because he was a dude, but it just sounded bad. 😛


    • I was joking about the feminist thing, because most feminists nowadays only want a matarich society.
      There’s a term now used for wanting to have equal rights for both genders, because feminism is used so wrongly nowadays.

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      • Now I just make fun of people who call themselves feminists, because most of the time they’re complaining because we don’t have more rights than men. As woman, we should consider that it’s socially unacceptable for males to cry (even though they’re human too) and that if they ever get sexually harassed, no one believes them. 😦
        And for those who still use the term feminist but don’t want to be associated with those sexist woman, you could use Egalitarian for equal rights for both genders.

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  2. Wth NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO screw them who didn’t vote for you *flips table*
    But you know being a feminist doesn’t mean “screw boys* it means supporting females to get equal opportunities and benefits like males.


  3. At our school it depends on the number of candidates for each gender. For example, if there were 3 guys running and 1 girl running, the girl would get all the votes from the female population while the votes of the male population are split between those three boys. So the girl would ultimately win

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