Student Council Results…

Will be tonight, at 10:00pm at the dance. Sadly, I have to stay at school tonight until 10:00 (people trying out for student council must attend and prepare for the dance.) If you don’t know, I tried out for student council!

My speech was (in a nutshell):

-talking about how I hate school

-however, we’re all lucky to go to this school because 80 million kids have no education or no AC and good technology

-we need to enjoy this school year

-Ended with a quote of mine, “I believe in showing who you are, do not tell”

I never said why they should vote for me, how great of a person I was, and why I wanted to run this position.

I used very inappropriate words. (Haha.)

Anyways you might be wondering, “why did you do that!?” Because I wanted people to remember me. The biggest mistake of running for student council is to do what teachers tell you to do. This is student vote. It depends on three things: How popular you are, how pretty or good looking you are (seriously) and your speech.

I’m none of the first two, so I had to take a risk. πŸ™‚

I got people to listen to me. I mean when you’re a 14 year old, you don’t want to listen to some really formal speech, or how good of a role model you are. No, you want to be entertained. And that’s what I did.

Anyways guys, hope that I win! If I didn’t, it was either popularity or the person won because she bribed people with candy in her speech and danced. (AT LEAST I HAD THE BEST LEAST GENERIC SPEECH, GOSH.)

And if you actually go to my school, know that you marked the box beside my name. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and say hi in the halls!


28 thoughts on “Student Council Results…

  1. What this one guy did for his speech in our year is he actually told the teachers to stand up. When we heard that we were all like what’s he going to do? And you could see all the teachers looked unsure and confused as well. He beckoned them to stand up again and they stood. Then he ordered them to wave their hands all over the place and copy him and stuff then told the teachers to sit down.
    He continued his speech telling us that if the teachers listened to him, then we will have no problem getting our ideas across. lol it was funny and interesting


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