Today Was Such a Long Day

School is extremely long (as always.) And I stayed after school to join the film club. Next week we’re supposed to be bringing in a 30 second film of using different camera shots but I don’t have a partner to work with. [Cries internally]

And I also had to do paper route, which sucked because I saw a lot of little kids going through my way. With their huge groups and hard for me to walk around then… Ugh.

That’s basically a summary of my day, I’ve been getting busier. Tomorrow I have a math test (oh goodie.) It’s also a no uniform day for me (and others) tomorrow, and I have absolutely no idea what to wear. I’m already used to uniforms in the second week of school…

Anyways, high school has become more tolerable for me but I still think it sucks. I’ve met some people to talk to, but the unfortunate thing is that they’ve all kinda left me out in some sort of way. I’m kinda that third wheel who has no idea what’s going on because in each period I’m just joining different groups of people. =_=

I MISS ELEMENTARY SCHOOOOOOOLLLLL the good o’l days of being in grade 8 (there’s no middle school where I live due to the lack of population) and having no homework and barely any tests.


Time to study.


16 thoughts on “Today Was Such a Long Day

      • You could do that. But if that blog ever becomes popular you can’t put ads on it, (the only bad thing, but you have to pay yearly to own the URL first to put ads in so it probably won’t happen for you.)


    • Thank you! :>
      The math test was pretty easy, I’m sure that I did fine. I’m not too sure about me being able to have a permanent great group of friends, everyone is too preppy ugh


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