And Thus, a Jared Was Born

I like to eat, my favourite colour is purple, I was added as admin a long time ago but never got around to posting until now, and I like Anna because she’s the cutest person ever. ❤

In fact, I think she’s so cute that I want to tell you all our love story.

So it just so happens that one day we were both on the same cruise around the world. We actually were staying in the cabins next to each other, so we pretty frequently saw each other and eventually I greeted her. She was pretty friendly and started talking openly since I took the first leap and approached her. We got to be very close friends, and we still had another week or so on the cruise, so we got really comfortable with each other. Eventually, I invited her to my cabin where we would talk and be together in private. Sooner or later, we started to hug out of nowhere and assumed we were dating. It was just nonstop hugging and holding hands in private when we were on the cruise, and when it ended, guess what? We were nextdoor neighbours in our town. The odds of that were so slim but it’s true (I promise)!

Jk, that was bs. We met through a mutual friend named Josh who introduced us to each other because we had the same interest in Pokemon at the same time. Later, Josh became a twit, got into drugs, and unfriended us on Facebook and whatnot, basically an overall douche. Soon after, we started getting along really well and started dating each other. I was actually too shy and she’s the one who asked first, tbh. And we’ve been strong (occasionally on and off, but y’know, never you mind that) for almost three years now. :’)

So here’s some more info about me if you’re interested!

  • I’m NOT a weeaboo. :^)
  • I don’t play Fantage
  • I do like “slice of life” types of anime.
  • I do like vidya gaming, and even occasionally uploading YouTube videos and streaming.
  • I love all sorts of food and want to try even more someday (except Italian).
  • I’m fairly tall and have a deep voice.
  • I’m an introvert.
  • Obviously, I’m taken.
  • I’m Russian (Asian, not Eastern European), however I’ve gotten rid of any hints of accents.
  • I love adorable and cute things, even though I’m a “manly man” (-Anna).
  • I want to be an orthopedic surgeon so I can help people (plus the pay is really good).
  • All I want in life is to make Anna happy.
  • I don’t like reading, though sometimes something will catch my eye and I’ll be willing to read it anyway.

That’s all Anna and I can think of right now, so if you have any other questions about me, feel free to ask! I promise, I don’t bite. Usually, unless you’re tasty.

To finish up my post, have one of my favourite drawings Anna has made of me so far!

I love this so much. ;u;

I love this so much. ;u;


60 thoughts on “And Thus, a Jared Was Born

      • Thank you! And don’t worry, I’m already loving every single cell of her being! ❤ And she mentions everyone on blogs fairly frequently, so I'm a bit familiar so far. Thank you!

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      • Yeah, she’s amazing, and I love everything about her! She’s just so adorable and wonderful to talk to! ;u;

        She’s urged me a couple times but I don’t have a particular interest in games like that, but for her sake, I might surprise one day. 😉

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    • Not going to lie, I agree that we’re too young to be dating. We weren’t even trying to get a significant other, it just kinda happened. You must live in a really odd part, because here people start dating at the ages of 10 (and of course, relationships don’t work out at all LOL) and in high school everyone is just talking about who likes who and crap. Seriously though, I’d love to grow up around your area!
      Most of our relationship is really just talking to him through social networking though- Jared and I live in the opposite side of town. He goes to a public school, I go to a catholic school. Also my parents are too overprotective, I’m not allowed to go to a boy’s house and a boy isn’t allowed in my house. We’ve never really went on dates or even kissed (haha) so in a way you can say it isn’t really a relationship.

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      • Since the asian population is huge at my school (especially chinese) half of the school loves math and band smh and I hear my best friends talking about it all the time
        The Hispanic Native American and black populations in my city are very low (like only 5% for blacks) even though the state I live in has a TON of Hispanic people
        But exude of the large asian population the anime and kpop community is big and we have many cute asian shops bakery and boba places

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      • There are like barely asians here, but any who are don’t follow the sterotypes (doing well at school, liking math, etc.)
        It would seriously be nice to go to your school though, being reunited with mah Asian rayce. Especially with the shops and bakeries.

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      • The teachers are very mean, my math teacher is Indian and everyone knows she’s nice to Indians and VERY mean to East Asians (including me cri)
        We also have a crap ton of hw, and right now I need to finish mine
        But we’ve had anime and Korea clubs since forever and I have many friends I can share my interests with

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      • Most people here are pretty judgemental if you like anime
        or music that’s in some Asian language. :/ Growing up in an Asian environment must be great. And what a racist teacher… I hate mean teachers, bleh.

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  1. I was going to comment on how sweet and cliché the whole cruise ship story was. Like, things like this can actually happen in real life?
    But…it’s still really cute that you like her so much though ^^
    BTW what type of video games do you like playing?

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