Most likely going to post a lot less often! The reason for that being is because I have A LOT TO STUDY. A lot compared to elementary school for sure. (Note: I never had a middle school.)

I mean, I started on Tuesday and tomorrow I already have an important French presentation, a religion quiz, and a math quiz. We’re also doing fitness testing in fitness, ugh. =_=

I’m not really scared of the math quiz, but I suck at French and I have a load of information I have to memorize for religion…

This is going too fast for me, I’m extremely stressed out haha. @_@


9 thoughts on “Crap.

    • enjoy your life before high school while you can
      my biggest regret is not taking that time for granted
      I remember in grade 7 I was such a depressing person lol, if I relived that year I’d definitely be more upbeat and relieved that I don’t have to study everyday and having to do 10 pages of homework

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  1. I got 2 projects in biology today with little instructions omg I’m so confused but at least it won’t be due for a while…
    Here we usually get a quiz/test every week so I got used to it
    You probably will after your second year lol


    • Bleh, high school @_@
      Elementary school didn’t prepare me enough for all of these waves of stress.
      The funny thing is, my friends who go to different schools are LOVING HIGH SCHOOL. THEY DON’T GET HOMEWORK, NO TESTS SO FAR, ETC!


      • omg what even i never get it other peoples high schools are always so relaxed
        grade 9 and grade 10 didnt prepare me for grade 11 tbh


      • Grade 8 didn’t prepare me for grade 9 at all. ._. The good thing is though, since I’ll be used to studying every night at least I expect the stress I’ll get when I go to university.

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