First Day of High School

I didn’t like it. I already have two tests on Friday- a Math test and a French test. @_@

Most of today was talking about how we’re getting marked what we need for class blah blah blah.

We’re not allowed to use calculators for such, which is a huge pain actually because I WAS ALWAYS TAUGHT TO USE A CALCULATOR INSTEAD OF DOING IT IN YOUR HEAD. Thank the lords I remembered how to add, subtract, multiply… But I don’t really remember how to divide. I’ll get on that later….

All we did in Fitness was sit down, and have the teacher try to memorize all of our names, seriously. (Fitness might just end up being my favourite subject, even if I hated it in elementary.)

In Religion class my teacher talked about why we’re here in life and our purpose, and then just sat to his desk and we had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. He came again, talked more and said about how we’re going to reach our goals in life, sat down again. Then said something about the first five books about the bible, and came to his desk again. WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? EVERYONE WAS DUMBSTRUCK.

Last class was French, and all my teacher did was speak French. I had no idea what was happening at all. ._. Or what she was saying. I’m a visual learner, so I learn by seeing words (I’m a decent writer, just a terrible speaker) so I really had no idea what she was saying. I wish that she’d actually put words on the board so I could follow through… Oh, by the way is there someone who’s fluent in French that I could just type to (or even talk to.) I’d really appreciate it!

Anyways, I don’t really like high school, I haven’t really met any friends. Uggggh, life is going to suck. Oh, how do you even join clubs by the way..? I plan on joining clubs but I have absolutely no idea what to do, heh.


34 thoughts on “First Day of High School

  1. Wow, I guess it’s true Canadians don’t know math without calculators
    There’s a new girl in my French and math class who just moved from Canada and in French she was my partner in learning numbers. We were doing basic addition (like 2 plus 4) speaking French and even in addition using one digit numbers she had to take a few seconds to count each number by one
    And today in math we were doing review and she couldn’t do it without a calculator because she went to a Canadian school so the teacher kinda got fed up and told her to bring a calculator

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    • Yeah, trust me most Canadians can’t live without one. As said I know how to add, subtract, and multiply but I was never taught. My parents taught me. I don’t use division often so I forgot how to divide, but I remember learning it quickly so just after a small review I should be able to do it. Blame our school system, they’re just too easy on us. I hope she catches up, since the math we learn in Canada is one grade behind what Americans are learning. If that doesn’t make sense, this year I’m going to learn what you learned in grade eight. 😛

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      • Ohhh
        Singaporean math is really hard.
        My parents give me Singapore workbooks to do and even though the workbook is for the same grade I’m in but the problems are way harder


      • Math is extremely hard in Asia… @_@ I wish I was raised in an Asian country (and learn English while growing up) so that when I go to a country like Canada or America to study I’ll have such an easy time.

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  2. Poor Anna 😦
    My day was actually okay (even though I have a shitload of homework).
    I suck at french, but I do know some!
    We could chat on hangouts in french sometime… although you’ll probably end up tutoring me…


  3. I lived my day without calculators LOL
    Until I got home and started the trigonometry hw I got from Physics rip
    I didn’t make any friends in my school until a week after I started so don’t give up!!
    At my school we announce the clubs so I’m waiting for that to happen rn haha- the old clubs I joined also notify us on fb for when they’re regrouping;;;
    My french experience was horrifying in high school omg at elementary our teacher spoke english to us occasionally but at high school (where i happened to get teacher with a reputation of being mean) she completely spoke french and I was so confused for a while
    tbh though its the only reason why i understand french now I’m grateful for her even though she scared me so much

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    • Thank you! I’m just scared to make friends since literally everyone is already in their groups and I basically eat lunch alone… ;_; As said, my best bet is to join clubs and meet people there. My French teacher taught me lot but my new teacher spoke to us in French so quickly I only understood a few words such as “Alors.” I just hope that at the end I’ll actually learn something and do well, eheheh….


      • You’ll be fine–
        I started at my school not knowing anyone (only 5 people came from my school, and I avoided them because there was someone I hated and the others I didn’t know well) so I was alone too…
        Joining clubs will be fun so its ok shhh I was scared too but everything will be fine
        My high school french teacher asked us all a question in french on the first day and if we didnt reply fast enough she went to the next person on the list…
        It was scary and she did it everyday for the rest of the semester based on the lessons we learned

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