When You Want to Read More

So my best friend recently introduced me to Ouji-sama ni wa Doku ga Aru because we both have the same love for yangire and yandere males, and apparently there’s a yandere male in that. Basically it’s about this girl named Rizu who baby sits her childhood friend who can’t do anything by himself, Souta. But there’s much more to the story. 😉 Anyways, so far they only released one chapter and I love it! I mean look at Rizu’s face:

Ouji-sama ni wa Doku ga Aru. 1: Souta-kun's secret! at MangaFox.me

However, as said, they only released one chapter. I want more. ;_; COMPLETE THE TRANSLATION PLEASE.

A basic summary of this chapter: Rizu wants a boyfriend and tries to get one (or else she’ll be stuck with baby sitting Souta forever.) Souta tries to tell Rizu that she doesn’t need a boyfriend and that they should stay like this forever, but then Rizu tells Souta that she’s sick of baby sitting him. She then gets a boyfriend (who’s a jerk) that ends up trying to do inappropriate stuff with her. Souta comes to the rescue and hits him in the head, then finds a way to get him in trouble. Rizu tells Souta that she’s sorry for saying those mean words to her. Afterwords, Souta confronts the douche and tells him to not come near to Rizu again, or else he’ll spread around an embarrassing image of him that will ruin his life. THE END, CLIFF HANGER.



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