Improvement 101

So while panicking and trying to find a map of my high school, I found a really bad drawing I did when I was around 11 years old. It was so bad, I decided to redraw it right beside it. (No guidelines, no eraser with me, nothing.) Don’t mind my crappy handwriting and my crappy traditional art, heh.

improvement 101

On the left is the one I did when I was 11, the one on the right is what I did just now.

Anyways, good thing is that I’ve improved dramatically. It appears that I actually draw eyebrows now and the eyes aren’t long, haha.

A lot of you guys in the blogging community are around the ages of 10-12. and most of you guys always say “my art is crap your art is so good!” When you actually compare my art from when I was your age to yours, you’ll notice that my art isn’t so great after all. I mean, you shouldn’t compare your art to someone who has drawn for many years.

Just keep on drawing, you’ll get there. 🙂


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