Give Me Something to Doodle

I’m kinda bored right now and I feel like doing some sketches.

Warning: They’re going to be really messy.

I’ll do it by the order from the first person who asks.

I might not do them if I don’t have enough time to.

I’d appreciate it if you gave me something bloody to draw though, since I’m testing out a brush in paint tool sai. ❤

Finished doodles:


Kinda lost my motivation to draw after drawing the nutella one, haha.



Terrifying. SO SPOOKIE.

i hate cats

I actually can’t draw cats. The reason for that being is because I never bothered learning to. I just wanna draw humans, haha.

everything is wrong with me

the cookies are next


60 thoughts on “Give Me Something to Doodle

    • What? Yuno is overrated, you know I’m the best yandere. 😉
      Sorry that I can’t message you much on skype, logging in and off is a pain (and is slow), should we try Facebook?


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