My Religion Assignment – Please Help!

So basically I’m supposed to make a symbol that’s important to me. Most people make a collage (I mean, a symbol is just something that has meaning.) It’s supposed to have ten different images, two of which are faith related. (Faith meaning you believe in things without proof.)

So far my collage consists of:

  • My baby photo (my beginning, what I looked like when I first came to the world)
  • A drawing of a hamster (my first pet that I loved dearly and recently passed away)
  • A birdie used for badminton (badminton is the only sport I enjoy, I’m good at, and the first sport team I made in.)
  • A graduation hat on top of books (represents education, and I value education with all of my heart. Without it, how do we all have futures? Learning is life.)
  • A staircase to heaven (“I believe in heaven.” In all honesty, I’m actually an atheist but I respect other people’s religions, and since I go to a Catholic school obviously I have to act like I’m a Christian.)

And I’m going to add….

  • A tree (to represent nature, since we humans are apart of it)
  • A brain (because I have faith in my memory, I believe in what it tells me.)

And I need to add two more things. Anyone know what else I should add? It has to be important to me though. I’m literally out of ideas. Thanks!

If anyone comes with good ideas, I’ll draw them a messy sketch (sorry barely any time haha) so there’s an incentive to helping me. >:D


Forever Never Finished Artwork

Just a bunch of stuff I started, but never finished. They’re laying around in my computer, why not upload them?

Most of these are awhile ago though.

russia sketch

MS Paint doodles:

animal crossing me

wadanohara coloured


ms paint doodles

emo problems man oh, by the way if you think XXXX is the f-bomb you need to stop having a dirty mind, it stands for kill and love (play Alice Mare) but if you do play this depressing game thinking it’s the f word, it’s pretty hilarious

there’s a lot more but they’re really horrible so I’m not showing them :^)


What do Couples Talk About?

Great question. I always wondered what normal couples usually talk about. Don’t they get bored of hearing the generic romantic stuff? I mean, saying the same stuff over and over again for majority of their life must be boring. They must do something else besides saying this:


But in all honestly though, what do most of them do? I mean, majority of lovers are based off of looks, not personality. (Harsh truth.) Jared and I don’t do that at all, instead we have stupid conversations about the future:

jared and i

jared and i 2

(Forgot to censor the the other name for Richard, but I’m pretty sure you can handle that word.)

Our relationship in a nutshell, folks! This is all we talk about. Stupid things. Amazing. On another note, I wished him and I went to the same high school, so we could have even more stupid conversations in the cafeteria. :))) It sucks to literally live across the city, because we rarely see each other.

By the way, Jared and I had a hard time having the first conversation. Here are bloopers while trying to have a generic, fourteen year old cringeworthy couple!

bloopers part 1

I was going to say something after closing eyes, but clearly Jared doesn’t want to work with me.

bloopers part 2

“all of the starts babe” (intentional to be crappy) Violent Jared, violent.


So if anyone has a clear answer of what couples talk about, please let me know. :)))))

Have Smart Goals!

I writing this to make myself more motivated to study, and I’m actually getting quizzed on this in Monday… I only did my math homework today, I NEED TO STUDY @_@

Tired of procrastinating? Want to lose weight or be more fit? Have a goal that you find hard to obtain? Well now you should follow the SMART goals planner (sometimes called “targets”.) These SMART goals will help you obtain goals, because in order to successfully reach your goal you must have a well thought action plan. Following SMART goals is an excellent way to remember how to effectively write a goal, as they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and completed within a certain time frame.


A goal must have a clear intended result. The goal must be defined well, and easy for anyone to understand. “I want to exercise more” is a terrible goal. Instead, you should write “I want to start exercising an hour more than what I usually exercise in a day” is specific, clear, and defined so well even a child understands what you’re doing exactly!


When you set a goal, it’s important that you’re able to measure the goal. When you say the goal up to when you achieve the goal, you want to be able to prove that you’ve done it. When you observe your behaviour, you should be able to see measurable change. SMART goals must be reliable, valid, and objective. For example, instead of saying “my knowledge in science will improve” you should say, “I will be able to memorize the entire periodic table.” So when you test yourself from the beginning and the end, you’ll notice how much you know!


They have to actually be achievable. Don’t make a ridiculous goal such as, “I will memorize the whole bible in a second for the religion exam” but make a realistic goal such as “I will memorize the important parts of the bible in a week for the religion exams.” When you write a goal, you always have to consider how you’re going to achieve the goal. You must evaluate what you need and the resources available. In the first exampleย “I will memorize the whole bible in a second for the religion exam” a second is not enough time to memorize a whole book, so you’d have to see if you have more time in your schedule. So don’t forget to make sure that resources are available! Before saying a goal, check all of the things you’ll need first (quanity, quality, accessibility, and safety of the physical resources.)


It has to mean something to you. Why do you want to do it? What do you get out if it? Why is the goal important to you? What makes it relevant to you? If you’re spending hours studying, it shows that you are serious about wanting to pass the test. It shows that you want to do well. Make sure you have that effort!

Time Frame

Finally, you have to aim for a specific amount of time. It’s the length of time that you need in order to achieve the goal. If you aren’t given a specific amount of time to do something, you’ll probably think “oh, I’ll work on it later.”


So anyways, my SMART goal for now is: I want to memorize things needed for the religion quiz on Monday, memorize what SMART goals are for the female fitness quiz on Monday as well, and finish at least 75% of my symbol assignment by the end of Sunday, September 27th, 2015.

This goal is important to me because I WANT TO GET A GOOD MARK.


Unfortunate News

I lost. The person who won won because… HE’S A GUY. There was only one boy who wrote a speech, and he won. Ugh. He had a pretty crappy speech too. (He was too quiet… I was almost beside him and I couldn’t hear him.) Almost all boys voted for him because he’s male. Most people thought I’d win (myself included, to be honest) and some people even told me I should have won.

(And this was the day Anna became an extreme feminist. Screw boys, am I right!? Besides Jared, he’s the best.)

I’ll just have to run next year! Maybe I should make more inappropriate jokes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Leave suggestions below guys, gotta have the best speech in the world!

Have a nice night!

Student Council Results…

Will be tonight, at 10:00pm at the dance. Sadly, I have to stay at school tonight until 10:00 (people trying out for student council must attend and prepare for the dance.) If you don’t know, I tried out for student council!

My speech was (in a nutshell):

-talking about how I hate school

-however, we’re all lucky to go to this school because 80 million kids have no education or no AC and good technology

-we need to enjoy this school year

-Ended with a quote of mine, “I believe in showing who you are, do not tell”

I never said why they should vote for me, how great of a person I was, and why I wanted to run this position.

I used very inappropriate words. (Haha.)

Anyways you might be wondering, “why did you do that!?” Because I wanted people to remember me. The biggest mistake of running for student council is to do what teachers tell you to do. This is student vote. It depends on three things: How popular you are, how pretty or good looking you are (seriously) and your speech.

I’m none of the first two, so I had to take a risk. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got people to listen to me. I mean when you’re a 14 year old, you don’t want to listen to some really formal speech, or how good of a role model you are. No, you want to be entertained. And that’s what I did.

Anyways guys, hope that I win! If I didn’t, it was either popularity or the person won because she bribed people with candy in her speech and danced. (AT LEAST I HAD THE BEST LEAST GENERIC SPEECH, GOSH.)

And if you actually go to my school, know that you marked the box beside my name. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh, and say hi in the halls!

R.I.P Sam

Yesterday she didn’t come out of her little house, I found this to be a bit suspicious.

So anyways, I opened it today, only to see that she’s curled up in a ball, not moving. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Well, it’s been a year and a half. That’s how long dwarf hamsters last for. This is a terrible morning…

I’m so sorry Sam that I wasn’t really the best owner, I didn’t play with you a lot (mostly because you’re awake during night.) You didn’t have so many toys, and during the past half year I haven’t been doing much to make your life extra special. I’m so, so sorry. 

I hope you’re having fun in the afterlife, living a better life…

I’m sorry Sam. I’ll miss you.