Infinity Dreams Award

I was nominated by three people in the same day, Mangos, Bliss, and Amy. Let’s do this before my brother wakes up! I’m also going to be doing the Q&A tag by Amy. 🙂

Apparently by reading those three other posts (it was pretty vague you guys) I’m supposed to write five ambitions, desires, dreams. Alright then!

1.To do really well in high school.

So I can get into a good university. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t need a huge answer.

2. To have a lot of good friends in the future.

That won’t make crappy excuses of being “busy.” Seriously though, all of my friends this summer were like, “I’m busy, I have no day offs on work.” “I have to baby sit.” IN FACT, I’M GOING TO SCREENCAP WHAT THEY SAID TO ME. Oh, and will actually respond instead of seeing my messages.

and i got no response

Blue = Me

Black = Friend 1

And I never got a response. It’s like the end of August right now. :I

and i got no response 2

Blue = Me

Red = Friend 2

There are a lot more I could screencap, but seriously everyone is “busy” or seeing my messages and never replying.

Anyways, this is actually getting really annoying, and I want actual friends who wouldn’t lie to me. I feel like friend 2 is actually laughing behind my back (long story) but oh well. I just want great friends. I know I have a lot online from wordpress, but that isn’t enough to satisfy really. I want someone I can hang out with in real life instead of just sitting in a computer screen typing to people. I hope you guys all understand.

3. To travel the whole world.

I’ve never been on vacations, and the ones I’ve had it’s to only visit family members. I want to travel the world, eat tons of different kinds of foods, see tons of interesting things, etc! But I don’t want to do this alone, I want to have a significant other to come with me! Now, I already do have a boyfriend, but you never know what will happen. Not really doubting our relationship, but in all seriousness relationships at a young age don’t really go well. Even if we have been dating for at least 2.5 years. If you ask me, I actually regret dating for the reason being that I just don’t think I’m mature enough to handle a relationship, but I’m not just going to instantly end what has been going gold for a couple years. (Okay, I just went so off task.)

4. To get a well paying job.

To afford all of my vacations and my dream house. I plan on being a doctor and investing a lot of my money. 🙂

5. To live in a mansion.

I have my dream house planned out, and it requires a lot of space. I basically need a huge mansion. Hopefully I’ll also have extra money to hire people to clean the mansion.


There isn’t much that I have to say about these, hahaha. Honestly, the second one is my main goal to be honest. Sure I might seem really anti social in real life, but I only strive to have a really good friend. Anyways, I nominate…

The piece of toast I ate this morning for breakfast.

The queen of hearts.

My coupons for Tim Hortons. Always fresh, always Tim Hortons!

Have a good day guys! YES, I’M STILL ON HIATUS… ON FANTAGEROP.


10 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

    • Why are people just so… Rude? This really is just a test of “who is my true friend” but unfortunately it’s rare to find one, with everyone being like this. :/


  1. I know what u mean about the friend one OwO
    My friend said we should hang out everyday for summer yet she was busy owo my friends barley email me OwO so I’m lucky to have u guys 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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