What Goes on the Internet Stays on the Internet

Note: This is only towards one admin (who was fired do to her posts): Disney. The owner of blog, Boltie, had nothing to do about it. Please do not blame her and the other admins, only Disney herself.

what goes on the internet stays on the internet

She already deleted the post, but guess what? It will now forever be there. 🙂

Disney, people already gave you a chance after the plane crash, and now you’re lying about being a pedophile for attention? That’s freaking disgusting.

Seriously, the admin should have removed her a long time ago.


25 thoughts on “What Goes on the Internet Stays on the Internet

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    • What goes on the internet stays on the internet.
      I posted this a week ago, the only person who would look at it would be a stalker. This wasn’t aiming towards you, but just Disney herself. Who knows if she makes a new blog herself and then suddenly does this stuff again, hm?
      If you want, I can update this post to say that this is all just towards Disney, not yourself, but as said, what stays on the internet will forever be on the internet. I’ve learned this the hard way.


      • Oh. I understand. And yes, can you please say that you are aiming that towards Disney? Some people will possibly think that it’s aiming towards me, and they’ll probably take it out on my for something Disney did.


      • I updated the post in huge letters to clear it up that you’re not at fault (feel free to check what I updated) is this good enough? 🙂
        Sorry for not making it clear that it’s just Disney earlier!


      • It’s perfectly fine, and I’m sorry that I didn’t understand in the first place. Thank you. 🙂


      • You’re welcome! Just please be careful for who you hire in for the future. Make a test for those who want to apply. Alright? c:


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