Looking at Your Old Artwork

Sometimes I find stashes of old art and I think, “WOW I WAS PROUD OF THAT? IT SUCKS.”

I still have a lot of old artwork laying around in my computer and around the house. Even some from last year that I think are HORRIBLE. Ugh.

The great feeling is that you can say, “WELL I’M MUCH BETTER NOW.”

Should I upload my old artwork? I was thinking of showing it, but I’m too embarrassed to show it to the world.

In fact, I even have stuff that I hate that I made months ago.

If I DO upload it, I hope that people who’ve told me that my artwork was good, can see that if THEY try really hard enough, they’ll improve! Seriously, no one is just magically born with amazing art skills, they’ve practiced, practiced, practiced! If you want to be great at art, believe in yourself and you will be! 🙂

Anyways, for those who think they suck at art, please stop uploading pictures of artwork you’re not proud of. I hate it when people upload pictures and say, “UGH IT’S SO BAD AND TERRIBLE!”

SERIOUSLY, ALMOST EVERY ARTIST IS LIKE THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jffptxOZ5w

I don’t mind if you do a request and say, “sorry if it sucks!” Because when you’re doing requests sometimes you don’t clearly know what the person wants. Or, if you say it sucks and point out the flaw that you’ve made, I don’t mind either! If you ask for criticism, I also don’t mind! 🙂

BUT, if you say it sucks without pointing out what you think looks bad about it, it’s not a request, and you’re not asking for criticism, I actually feel like pointing out flaws in your artwork and even saying that it looks bad (even if my subconscious mind says that it’s wonderful.)


17 thoughts on “Looking at Your Old Artwork

  1. Haha same cx
    i have a bunch of sketchbooks filled from drawings from art class and other doodles and it’s so refreshing to see how far I’ve gone…
    if me from a year ago saw the art I did today, I would definitely be proud (although I still don’t like my art OTL)
    surprisingly though, I only hate the art I’ve done last year and the year before since everything before that is just nostalgia haha-
    the video though omg;; really is every artist
    I hate doing requests since a lot of people end up not even appreciating you taking the time to draw it and stuff…

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    • SAME. I’ve drawn tons of requests recently, sure they say it’s amazing and all but they don’t use it. (Such as using it as a profile picture, etc.) Some don’t even talk about it, I bet they just looked at it for a second.
      People never understand the time it takes to draw. :I
      And by the way, I checked your DA and your art is amazing! Seriously, how do you not like your art!? I’d definitely purchase a commission from you, if I had money.
      And yeah, it annoys me when every artist says that, geez. It’s okay to say it under certain conditions, but if your art is obviously amazing why say it and upload it to the world?


      • Ahh really? I didn’t expect anyone to actually check my dA omg–
        But thank you ;-;; I’m still improving and my style keeps changing
        by any chance, do you have a da? ;7;


      • I have tons of old ones but looking back at it makes me cringe.
        Currently I use an account called SuperiorSeth, but I haven’t updated it at all, posted anything, etc. I just use it to watch people~
        I might start posting art on it when I’m confident enough in not cringing at my old art in the future.


      • I’m too lazy to delete every thing it, ahaha. Oh, by the way I’ve noticed that you do have a commission page but it’s currently closed, can you please tell me when it’s open again? I have around 500 deviantart points in one of my abandoned deviantart accounts, and I’d really like a drawing!


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