This Is Why I Hate Life

I was drawing today on Paint Tool SAI, and in the middle of drawing MY COMPUTER SUDDENLY RESTARTED.



I only took screenshots of it (was showing progress to my boyfriend and asking him if it looked weird and all, and advice.)

Here’s the halo part:

i like the start

Here’s the really messy sketch I did (all of my drawings look like this at first, lol.)

anything to edit

Was drawing my Gaia Online avatar, so it placed it there as a reference while drawing.

Now I have to do some things all over again. @_@

This is making me even more mad than when people stole my tomatoes from the tomato event yesterday.


15 thoughts on “This Is Why I Hate Life

    • It happened to me a couple of times, but I was REALLY proud of this one ;n;
      Thank you very much!
      At least I have a screencap, so I’ll probably have to relineart again (EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALMOST FINISHED), at least it’s not completely gone.

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  1. I feel omg ;-;
    At least you have screenshots though, because you can always scale and trace over your screenshot and get the sketch back ;w;
    I realized that if i open a certain file on sai it won’t let me save anymore, which is really odd…so I usually save before opening that file OTL

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    • Yeah, so glad that I took screenshots. I was almost finished the lineart, but at least I wasn’t like finished and then it suddenly restarted. 😛
      I’ve actually noticed something similar to that as well, it won’t let me open a file in a certain folder, for whatever reason so I have to transfer my crap in certain folders in order to open it.


      • For me, it lets me open it but after i open the file it won’t let me save anything on sai unless I close sai and reopen it…
        but ya;;; lots of problems OTL
        your sketch looks really good btw ^7^
        esp the hands omg

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      • Thank you very much! I was worried that the hands would look odd. (I had to redraw them plenty of times until I was satisfied.)
        SAI has a lot of issues but it’s MUCH better than MSpaint. And other free art programs I’ve tried!

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