Liebster Award (Only Answering Questions)

I was nominated again for the Liebster Award! Unfortunately, I don’t feel like doing the whole thing again, so I’ll just answer the questions the person had for me! I was nominated by Mina from Pink Randomness. So, LET’S DO THIS!

If you want to see the post where I did it before, click here.

1. What do you like about my blog?

I really like how much you’ve improved on your art, and I love seeing your Fantage edits! I’m also a fan of how good your blog layout looks. >u<

2. Are you an EXO fan? xD If you aren’t whats your favorite boy group? (any nationality is fine)

To be honest… I don’t really listen to anything, I don’t really like music. So no I’m not an EXO fan, however my brother and auntie are OBSESSED with K-pop, so I know who they are. My auntie loves Big Bang, and I don’t remember what my brother likes, some girl Korean band.

3. Whats your current favorite style of clothes (specific please)?

Along with having no music taste, I also don’t have any fashion taste. I like anything that’s plain, simple, and comfortable. I can’t stand graphic tees. OH, I actually like how business clothing looks! And uniforms. Is this a good enough answer? I’m not sure what to say really.

4. What’s your favorite boba flavor? If you don’t drink boba then do you like hot chocolate?

I haven’t had boba in YEARS. (Last time I was probably nine.) My parents won’t let me drink any anymore, because they believe that you can get sick from drinking it. Anyways, because of this I don’t remember. All I remember was loving boba though! Oh, and I love hot chocolate.

5. Does nudity or mature content in an art form bother you?

Depends on what I’m looking for. For the most part, no, but it’s awkward when your family members are around there and they think you’re watching some inappropriate stuff. I don’t mind blood or gore at all, in fact I have a lot saved on my computer that I can upload right here. I’d rather not though.

6. What grade of school did you like best?

Unsure to be honest. I had a lot of pleasant memories and a lot of bad ones. Hopefully I’ll enjoy grade 9 in September!

7. Do you like cake? If so whats your favorite kind?


8. Do you like Choa unnie? 😛

Don’t know who she is, had to search up. Since I don’t know, I can’t answer that.

9. Would you ever get plastic surgery if you were immensely insecure with a part of your body?

I don’t care AT ALL how my body looks, besides my body size. (I do exercise, by the way.) So probably not. HOWEVER, I would get boob reduction surgery if my boobs get too big. The reason for that being is because huge boobs are uncomfortable (heck, my boob size isn’t large yet it’s still uncomfortable.) Who cares if men like big boobies more? (I already have a loving boyfriend anyways.) Who cares if I’m more beautiful with bigger boobies? All I care about is enjoying life, and for me beauty isn’t apart of enjoying it. You know what they all say, beauty is PAIN.

10. What’s your favorite fruit? (so many food Qs omg)

Pomegranates. THEY’RE SO DELICIOUS. But so expensive @__@

11. What do you think of feminism? Is it equality or is it females wanting to be better than men?

Back then, it was all about equality. Today it’s all about wanting to be better than men. Like seriously, we already have the same human rights, what more can you ask for? We also have some unwritten rights such as how the guys always have to pay for the meal, boys having to buy your clothes, jewelry, etc. Sure boys don’t have to wear makeup to look good, or shave besides their beard, but they have to work hard to make us satisfied. (However, I don’t want my boyfriend to buy me things simply because I hate being in a position where I can be guilt tripped. Which I can be very easily.) Fighting for feminism is unnecessary nowadays, BUT IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES THEY DO NEED FEMINISM. Instead of fighting in a first world country, how about we fight for feminism in other places?


So yeah, that’s it. Only answering questions because as said, did it before. Also too lazy to do every thing else. Enjoy your day everyone~!


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