Too Skinny for Sandals

First off, I wanted to say that I’m so surprised with all of the attention I’ve received from the post I made about my school’s education system, it was also interesting to hear about how yours worked!

Okay, now right on to the topic.

Today my mom and I went shoe shopping to buy shoes for physical education for school. You see in the school I’m going to we have to have black running shoes for gym only. So we went there and bought a pair! There’s some white on it, and I hope the teachers don’t mind. (But seriously though, can’t the schools just sell shoes instead? it’s a pain to buy a shoe that fits into all of their requirements, I had a hard time getting a shoe for regular classes. They might not even accept the ones I got, because my mom surprised me with black dress shoes with a tiny broach on the top that costed THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Really mom?)

Since we were shopping at a mall, we passed by a store that had the whole store on sale! My mom was interested in it, so she looked around. We found sandals and flip flops on sale, 5 for 10 dollars! However, my mom said that those sandals were horrible quality. We then found 3 sandals or flip flops for 10 dollars. My mom found a sandal she really liked in that section and only wanted to purchase just that, but it costed 10 dollars itself, so there’s no point in just buying one. She then chose another sandal, and asked me to choose the last once since she wasn’t that interested in the rest. I chose this one with white flowers decorated on it!

Then my mom told me to try it on, but I find it extremely awkward to try shoes on in public because I’m afraid my socks and feet smell horrible. So I just took my socks off, placed my feet in the shoe for a second and said that it fits. So we bought them, and I tried them home properly. I only discovered that I’m too skinny for my sandals. I’m not even a skinny person, I’m overweight… And yes, the shoe size fits me, but not the thing that’s supposed to hold my feet in place!

too skinny

Oh well, this shoe literally costed $3.33, you can’t expect too much huh? Although the original price is $15 dollars, so glad I got it on sale! 😛


19 thoughts on “Too Skinny for Sandals

    • You see, I’d thank her but it came off of a surprise and I never asked for it. I mean they’re just shoes, I wouldn’t care if she spent only 10 dollars on them. If I asked for them, of course I’ll appreciate them and thank her with all of my life, but I’m not even sure they’ll accept these shoes, which worries me. ^^”

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